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Real Teen Wolves

Believe it or not kids, real werewolves are on the scene, –seems like vampires have had their own modern subculture for too long without any competition. But don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, I do have some mixed feelings about the whole thing, –is this a mass spread of clinical lycanthropy? Or is this a genuine new trendy thing? I mean, it can’t possibly be any worse than the whole, anime-kid thing. And, ‘real werewolves’ so far have spoken out, that they are not ‘furries’, they are werewolves.

The teen werewolves aren’t all spastic taxidermists, like Wolfie Blackheart, –the jury is still out on that one. The werwolf subculture is about expressing your inner-non-human, –and we’re all about that. Women express their inner demon every month for a week, so I think it’s fair for teens to express the inner wolf. But seriously, is the werewolf culture really that strange? Going back over the years, in many cultures, people have identified with animals, –in India, the Naga were half snake/half human, and held religious significance. Their worshipers were very conscious of their inner serpent.

Many Native American tribes attached special significance to certain animals, from feline predators, to bears, coyotes, and yes, wolves too. Many cultures have identified with animals in the past, and expressed their roots to wild animals in a variety of forms, and essentially, I think we could easily be supportive of this kind of cultural movement. Why not? Vampires are allowed to have their own subculture after all, and vampirism/hemophiliac tendencies, have long been believed to be indicative of mental illness, –just like the teen werewolves could easily be mislabeled as people suffering from clinical lycanthropy.

Can we safely support the werewolf subculture? I vote we give it some time, and see how it turns out, –it could be a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ fad, but it also could be the beginning of something really cool. So before we call the pound, let’s see how these animals get along.

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annimi • June 1, 2010

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