Real Teen Wolves

Believe it or not kids, real werewolves are on the scene, –seems like vampires have had their own modern subculture for too long without any competition. But don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, I do have some mixed feelings about the whole thing, –is this a mass spread of clinical lycanthropy? Or is this a genuine new trendy thing? I mean, it can’t possibly be any worse than the whole, anime-kid thing. And, ‘real werewolves’ so far have spoken out, that they are not ‘furries’, they are werewolves.

The teen werewolves aren’t all spastic taxidermists, like Wolfie Blackheart, –the jury is still out on that one. The werwolf subculture is about expressing your inner-non-human, –and we’re all about that. Women express their inner demon every month for a week, so I think it’s fair for teens to express the inner wolf. But seriously, is the werewolf culture really that strange? Going back over the years, in many cultures, people have identified with animals, –in India, the Naga were half snake/half human, and held religious significance. Their worshipers were very conscious of their inner serpent.

Many Native American tribes attached special significance to certain animals, from feline predators, to bears, coyotes, and yes, wolves too. Many cultures have identified with animals in the past, and expressed their roots to wild animals in a variety of forms, and essentially, I think we could easily be supportive of this kind of cultural movement. Why not? Vampires are allowed to have their own subculture after all, and vampirism/hemophiliac tendencies, have long been believed to be indicative of mental illness, –just like the teen werewolves could easily be mislabeled as people suffering from clinical lycanthropy.

Can we safely support the werewolf subculture? I vote we give it some time, and see how it turns out, –it could be a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ fad, but it also could be the beginning of something really cool. So before we call the pound, let’s see how these animals get along.


  1. I have seen this video… And in some way i agree that we have to give them some time… But in another way… sounds… Strange…

    Like… Look at their cloths and hair! I have never, ever imagined a werewolf with such style…

    Anyway… Its… Just very strange…

  2. I think it is just strange, and a bad image for werewolves, it was what made them different than vamps any way. There taking the coolness factor out of it.

  3. What do I search to see it? I tried looking for it but all I got was teen wolf clips

  4. I think its just fucking ridiculous teenagers wanting attention. I’m ashamed for them and they’re ruining the werewolf culture.

  5. What’s with the tails?
    the rest I don’t mind (Wolfie is the exception as killing pets is not cool) but the tails, they just look stupid and belong on the animals that they were taken (if real fur).

  6. I think the fangs and contacts are awesome, Ide get some myself if I could. And it is nice, they understand that a wolfpack is about family/friend support. But the way they “shout it out” deminishes the whole thing. Their way of dressing, I believe is a call of attention. If they rlly think theyre werewolves, theres better ways of coming out, dont ya think?

  7. You are all stupid enough to belivie in such folly if you really want to know the truth reply to this message and ask for the Scalvua

    1. There is no way of becoming a werewolf, that is just a steryotype, u have to be born one, and u will be able to change whenever u please, but again, i will not say how i know this right here, if u trully want to know, just send me messeges

    2. We lost our eelsdt dog to cancer this year, so I’m feeling particularly vulnerable to the sight of an animal suffering. I just find it hard to accept that anybody anywhere would actually harm such a sweet and beautiful creature as that dog (or any dog, come to think of it). For crying out loud: in the previous scene, it had been snuggled up with the lead actor, sleeping. How could they harm something that trusts them so completely? That’s why I hold out some hope that the dog was just anaesthetized.But even if the death of the dog was just a skillfully realized effect, it’s still tough to watch. At least with realistic human gore effects, you know for certain they’re fakes.

  8. Hi, i would like to become a real werewolf just a night, but i cant fing any ways to become one, can u please help i would REALLY appreciate it if u could, is there techniqus or spell, plz write back to me.

    1. well that is rather interesting…..I have 2 ask…how did u get that correct? did u have any experience? i’d like to hear, I need 2 figure out what is going on with me so…could u give me some info?

  9. Werewolves do not look like that picture, they look like any other normal wolf, they r only bigger, faster and stronger then the average wolf, i know this because…well…i just do, i will not say why right here, if u want to know, just send me messeges. But that picture is just way too wrong, hollywood and other people who make werewolves look like that must be taking some seriouse drugs, not to be mean or anything, if u want to see what a werewolf really looks like, look at a normal wolf and picture it bigger and stronger and faster, and then u will have what a werewolf looks like

  10. it rly PO’s me when i see these emo freaks imitating werewolves, like wolfie blackheart. Its wrong. I rly dont know if there is such thing as werewolves, but i hope there is more than anything else. ya know what else gets me pissed? when everyone’s like “ur such a nerd” or “ur such a freak” to me because I love wolves and wanna be a werewolf soooo bad! Everyone has a lil inner wolf in them. Some people just make retards of themselves when they express it…

  11. this is rediculuse, in truth there are other ways to become a wolf with out bing born with the gift of shifting. On can shift with the mind. in to other animals, well at least thats how it works for my kind

  12. Anyone who WANTS to be a werewolf is a moron.

    As for what “real werewolves” would look like, why would their poor sense of fashion have any relation to whether or not they were “real werewolves”?

    Assuming there were indeed “real werewolves,” there would be no reason to think that they couldn’t dress like emo bitchboys, or sleek businessmen/businesswomen, or Hickville Farmer Oakley wearing plaid.

    Fact is, anyone who wants to be a werewolf, or claims to know what a werewolf would dress like, etc. is a blathering man-child with a set “cool” werewolf ideal in their head. In other words, people living in a fantasy world or praying that said fantasy could be reality, most likely due to a mundane life.

    As for Forest Ostrander’s post:

    “Werewolves do not look like that picture, they look like any other normal wolf, they r only bigger, faster and stronger then the average wolf, i know this because…well…i just do, i will not say why right here”

    Let me save them the trouble of messaging you: You know that because you google’d werewolves and read any generic mythology about them for a few minutes.

  13. People have different ideas about themselves, each one of us. I’m a transgender goth, which people say is sick, but for me is perefectly normal. I think the phrase is “different strokes for different folks”? I say leave her alone. If she wants to call herself Wolfie, then let her. Its not your life that she’s living, it’s hers.

  14. Actually, werewolves ARE out there, but aren’t evil like humans think, humans only see the fangs, claws, etc. But werewolves are ALSO very loyal, loving, protective, and sweet :) yes, danger IS involved in it, I won’t deny that, but it’s HIGHLY exaggerated by most

  15. so is it like possible to become a werewolf? like if u r bit by one, will u turn? …..what if u were bit when u were 13….and the “venom” or whatever, hasn’t sunken in all the way yet, will u star turning into a wolf when u turn like 16?…….I mean……like uhh….like….sigh I can’t really explain it but….is that possible? and when u r bit….does it matter on how much blood was taken…or how long u were bit…like uhh……is there such thing as wolf stages:

    * half wolf (barely bitten)
    *full wolf (bitten at least more than the first)
    *pure wolf (bitten more, or longer, or born as a werewolf)

    I know it may seem crazy…but those things apply 4 the vampires….do u think they would 4 werewolves too?

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