Real-Life Wolves Used in ‘True Blood’ Season 3

The creator and producer of ‘True Blood,’ Alan Ball, plans on making the upcoming third season the best season yet and one way he’s doing this is by bringing in real-life wolves to the set so that the animal transformations on the show will be as real as possible. While past seasons were focused mostly on the vampires, this time around it will be all about the werewolves. Woo!

Stephen Moyer, also known as vampire Bill,  said in an interview that the third season’s storyline is packed full of the wild animals. “Yeah!” he told MTV News. “I’ve had to work with wolves. I like werewolves. I love that aspect of the show. It’s going to be amazing this year.”

The actor added, “I’ve been working with real wolves and I mean you don’t get to do that very often,” he said. “We’ve got real wolves in the show amazing. They’re beautiful and huge and wild and they feel like they’re the size of lions. It’s unbelievable.”

When asked what part the werewolves play in the new storyline Moyer played coy and said, “Well, I don’t know if you don’t know very much about the books, but the story is there is a guy who comes in to help Sookie and he will be a part of that gang. I don’t want to give anything away!”

Filming kicked off a few months ago and Joe Manganiello was cast as werewolf Alcide. In case you forgot, vampire Bill was kidnapped at the end of season two, but in the upcoming season Sookie uses this new character, Alcide, to find him. In the book by Charlaine Harris, Alcide is summoned by vampire Eric and ends up having fling with Sookie. However, Alcide is incredibly attached to his on and off girlfriend Debbie Pelt, who will be played by Brit Morgan. But so far the show hasn’t followed the books exactly, so we’ll see if Sookie and Alcide actually have this steamy fling. I sure hope so though, Joe Manganiello is so damn sexy.

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  1. This web is pretty awesome, but ive checked it out nd i realized that u didnt have any post bout the “versipellis”,neither the Vulkodlak or the Vrikolakas, u shoild do 1 bout them =D
    Nd ,as i said,you web is totally usume

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  5. Werewolves.Com is home to all things werewolves including werewolves in film and print. While there will always be articles on werewolf lore we cannot ignore that which makes werewolves popular in the first place now can we?

      1. :) i love reading all your stuff.. gives me more info about the world’s best fantesy animal (WEREWOLF)
        i seen this show i knew they did look very real (not like in the DR. Who or in the twilight movies you see)

  6. shouldnt they be werewolves in stead of wolves?
    i think the werewolves on van hellsing look the coolest,
    but bein able to turn into a wolf at will
    would be realy realy awesome!

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