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Rambo Was Supposed To Fight A Werewolf?

I remember hearing, or reading about, this rumor back in 2008 when RAMBO came out in theaters and promptly face-planted. The rumor that there would be a RAMBO 5, and that it would feature the ex-Green Beret doing battle with a shaggy werewolf-like monster. There was SOME truth to the rumor, in that Sylvester Stallone DOES own the movie rights to James Huggins’ novel HUNTER, which does feature a soldier doing battle with just such a monster. The rumor suggested that Stallone would simply replace the title character with Rambo and go from there. Stallone confirmed that the idea WAS under consideration, but when word broke that RAMBO 5 would feature Rambo battling the Mexican drug cartels, it put the hopes for such a flick to rest. Yet Stallone still has the rights to that story, bought and paid for. (Unless they’ve expired because he waited too long.) He’s bound to use it at some point, although he’s been hoping to get a movie made based on the novel for over 20 years now.

I know this because I used to know Huggins personally. He had Stallone’s home telephone number and the two spoke frequently, having become friends. He (Huggins) told me how much he liked Stallone. (He didn’t much care for Arnold Schwarzenegger.) Huggins was so close to superstardom, but sadly his life got derailed by things beyond his control. Just like with Hemingway, mental illness and alcoholism took their toll. I’ve lost all contact with him in the years since. I hope he’s doing well. I can’t say I knew him well—it’s possible he wouldn’t even remember me—but I liked him. He’s a talented man and a heckuva nice guy. I hope we get to see his story make it to the big screen at some point.

The Evil Cheezman • May 31, 2018

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