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Quiz for the Ladies: Who Is Your Werewolf Boyfriend?

“Who Is Your Werewolf Boyfriend?”

So, I didn’t get Jacob Black, for starters, –personally, I think he has anger management issues that will probably lead to spousal abuse issues at some point, and that’s totally not my thing. I was a bit disappointed not to get Alcide Herveaux, because holy shit, who wouldn’t want that big thing, following them around and forgiving you for practically anything, including being addicted to crystal meth, trying to kill you, and joining a pack of psychotic, vampire blood drinking, werewolf sociopaths? Yeah…

But based on the answers to my questions, I got Oz, –you know, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Which is totally cool, I can live with that, –and they say Seth Green isn’t hot, which I disagree with, because more importantly, he is funny and pretty damn sharp. It’s hard for me to deal with people who have the same capacity for wit as a pop tart, so I’m glad I got him. So now, you take the quiz, and tell me which werewolf you ended up with in the comments… was he your first choice, or were you surprised by your results? 

source: www.buddytv.com

annimi • April 23, 2015

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