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Puppet Master vs. Puppet Master

The new PUPPET MASTER movie, the reboot, has just come out on video. I haven’t seen it yet; I’ll let you know my thoughts as soon as I do. One thing about it that doesn’t sit right with me, though, is that the Puppets, and their creator Andre Toulon, are transformed into Nazis for the new film. Yes, I know it’s a reboot and that it isn’t supposed to be the same Puppets we Full Moon fans have grown to know and love over the years. It still bothers me that Toulon, always depicted as being Jewish and an enemy of the Nazis, is now a Nazi himself. Likewise the Puppets have spent how many movies of the series FIGHTING Nazis, and Nazi Puppets, and now they ARE the Nazi Puppets?

(By the way, if they were going to insist on making all the Puppets little Nazi murder machines anyway, why the blue hell didn’t they use Weremacht, the pintsized Nazi werewolf, in the movie?)

I have an idea, though. The way things were initially supposed to go with the EVIL DEAD franchise, after they came out with the remake. Eventually they were supposed to do a crossover between the original series and the new parallel universe of the remake.
Howzabout they do a mashup wherein the new Nazi Puppets fight the original team of Toulon’s little monsters? As the original series is set to continue, regardless of the success of the reboot, why not capitalize on both?

The Evil Cheezman • October 2, 2018

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