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Proof That Werewolves Really Exist (?)

Okay, I’ll bite.

The first thing I noticed about this site? It’s all about dogs. “Dog news and entertainment,” it says. And it’s called “Woofs.” Okay, sure. Not the sorta place on the web where one would expect to find information on werewolves, but what the heck. I sometimes stretch the umbrella here on this site, reporting on things not really lycanthropic in nature, but drawing my own parallels. Maybe they’re doing the same thing here.

Second thing I noticed: Either English isn’t the first language for the person writing the text for the linked article, or else said person didn’t make good grades in English class back in high school. Or even middle school.

Then I watched the video. It’s interesting, but hardly proof of anything. The “drowned werewolf” looks to be nothing more than a dead cat. The video footage of “living” werewolves in Brazil is more impressive, particularly the first bit, but the photograph of the dead one, also in Brazil, not so much, insofar as evidence is concerned. The latter is, however, an impressive feat of likely fakery. (Giving the dead werewolf a bad case of mange was a creative touch.) As far as the “archival” World War Two footage–no. Just no.

The Evil Cheezman • September 12, 2017

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