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Product Review: Super7 Universal Monster Buckets

Remember the Halloween candy buckets crafted in the likenesses of the classic Universal Horror Monsters? Sure you do. I was impressed when I first laid eyes on them (via the computer screen rather than in person) and excited to buy one or all of them. (Yeah, it would have been all of them.) My favorites were the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Mummy. (Sorry, Wolfman, but hey, you were number three!) This past week, I walked into my nearest specialty shop (and by the way, they were in no way responsible for the quality of the items; they just stock them) and saw the Universal Monsters buckets sitting on the shelf. I uttered a whoop of excitement and hurried to grab one.

I didn’t buy it. I couldn’t make myself spend over twenty bucks on such a piece of crap. Yes, it looked great. It was however constructed of the cheapest plastic I’ve ever seen used for creating such an item. The bucket I picked up already had a tear in its lip. Yes, a *tear*. The plastic was so thin and fragile that it *tears.* I could have, had I wanted to, ripped it apart with my bare hands, it was so cheaply made. There’s no excuse for such shoddy craftsmanship. I have a Darth Vader Halloween candy bucket that I bought at Walmart for five bucks and the sculpt is just as good while the plastic is three times as thick. Shame on you, Super7! Shame, I say! At even half the ticketed price, this product would have been overpriced! That is no way to do business!

The Evil Cheezman • May 28, 2019

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