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Preston’s Werewolf

Remember Dennis Preston? He’s the makeup artiste extraordinaire whom I met at the Legless Corpse Halloween Horror Film Festival back in 2016, I think it was. I’m pleased to announce that Dennis is still livin’ the dream. This past week he was at HAUNTCON: HAUNTED ATTRACTION NATIONAL TRADESHOW AND CONVENTION in New Orleans, Louisiana. And unlike when I met him a couple’a years back, this time he had a werewolf with him. Check out his latest creation. Dennis wrote on social media: “Yesterday I was up till 5 am laying hair to get this Wolf done. It was well worth it! My VERY first take on a werewolf. My favorite monster.” Ours too, Dennis!

So whatta you think of his new pet? I dig it bigly. I’m not always sold on the “less is more” approach where it comes to werewolves and fur. The semi-hairy beasts in DOG SOLDIERS were awesome, and I liked how they went all unconventional with the hairless werewolves in HOWL. Dennis Preston’s beast isn’t hairless, though, just shorthaired. It kinda has that coyote-with-mange look to it, which makes it look nastier—as werewolves *should* be nasty.

You can keep up with Dennis Preston via Facebook (That’s how I found out about his werewolf) or his website, or both.

The Evil Cheezman • February 7, 2019

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