Prepare to Be Totally Blown Away by Klaus on the Vampire Diaries!

Right, I know you guys are werewolf fans, which means if you follow the Vampire Diaries at all, then you know there hasn’t been that much reason to watch the show lately, because Tyler Lockwood, resident werewolf, took off to go learn the ropes with the hardcore werewolf Jules. Unfortunately his mom had a nasty “accident”, caused actually by Klaus’s witch, so he returned to Mystic Falls to check on her, and was, as predicted, captured later in oder to be sacrificed by Klaus for the ritual that will allow him to break his own personal curse, –that we learned has nothing whatsoever to do with breaking the “Sun and the Moon” curse on all werewolves and vampires.

What the curse really does, is keep one particular power of Klaus’s dormant. See, Klaus is the bastard in his family tree: his mother is a vampire, who was somehow able to have sex and get all preggers with a werewolf’s baby. The clan leader she decided to cheat on her husband with, was actually the head of a family of werewolves. Gasp! I believe they were also -the- werewolves, the originals. But what’s really crazy, is that even back then, in the days of “original vampires and werewolves, they were looking for a Petrova doppleganger. Who the hell is the original Petrova, is what I want to know. So.. not only is Klaus a badass vampire, who’s practically got god-like powers, –he’s also a werewolf: a hybrid.

And on top of everything else, Klaus has a plan: he wants to create a master race of vampire/werewolf hybrids. The “servants of nature”, which is what they call the witches in the show, decided that was too much power for one supernatural being to have, so they cursed him in order to keep his werewolf side dormant. Now he needs to sacrifice a werewolf and a vampire to get his werewolf side going again. Oh, and also the Petrova doppleganger. So now there are werewolves in town, Klaus has one, –while the other is running around biting vampires and causing trouble. Watch the Vampire Diaries tonight, and see what the werewolves are doing in Mystic Falls, –and whether or not Klaus manages to transform into the ultimate monster. By the way, do you think Klaus will be as hot as Scott Speedman in his hybrid state?

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