Poultrygeist + Werewolf = Werewolf Fever

Because for some reason, the idea of a werewolf terrorizing a bunch of disgusting fat rednecks at a burger joint is utterly terrifying! No guys, I’m serious. Can you imagine, sitting there with a hamburger, when all of a sudden, this guy in a horrifying, surprisingly well-made werewolf costume attacks you? That is scary! And no joke about the werewolf costume; the gorey, gross out re-imagining of a werewolf’s facial features is definitely barfworthy, –just how we like it!

So what happens when you mix the low budget effects, ridiculous behavior, and fast food atmosphere of Troma Entertainment’s Poultrygeist, with the usual hijinks of a werewolf movie? A totally unique creation: the fast-food werewolf b-movie! Werewolf Fever looks both gory, and silly, and full of fake blood slinging fun. The film follows a redneck staff, with a few busty waitresses thrown in for good measure, and them being terrorized by a werewolf.

The asshole boss of KingBurger sends out his delivery driver, Donny, over to the restaurant for his third shift employees. While on the way over, Donny is attacked by a strange creature in the woods. Soon, Donny begins transforming into an equally bizarre monster, with a taste for blood. Donny, now a disgusting looking werewolf, heads back to the KingBurger to terrorize his fellow employees. Watching a bunch of minimum wage white trash cashiers, burger flippers, and chicks with insane cleavage being chased around by a werewolf is fantastic fun. Check out the trailer, and join in the countdown to Werewolf Theater!

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