POLL: Wolf Transformation or Hybrid Transformation?

It’s time to let your voices be heard werewolf fans! Time to debate, discuss and decide (points to me for amazing alliteration)! There is one topic always brought up on this site, one debate I have been hearing for years and years, something that is argued over and over again. And that would be transformation! More specifically – what a werewolf transforms into. Wolf transformations vs. hybrid transformations. Which one is better – a werewolf who transforms into a wolf or a werewolf who transforms into a wolf/human hybrid? That is the big question Dear Readers. Check the poll below to answer!

Van_helsing_werewolf-361x282First you have regular wolf transformations, which I feel is the underdog here (har har). Judging by the million+ comments I have read most of you hate the wolf transformation. I don’t get that. Personally I love both wolf and hybrid transformations. I feel that each has its place. But some of you have this extreme hatred for any werewolf that transforms into an actual wolf like in Blood and Chocolate or True Blood. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I think a werewolf transforming into a wolf is perfectly logical.

Then there are hybrid transformations – part man, part wolf. Everyone seems to love hybrid werewolves – especially movie makers. Nearly every werewolf in nearly every movie is a hybrid (fun fact: it’s cheaper to use real wolves which is why TV shows usually feature werewolves that change into wolves, it works better with their small budget). You have films like The Wolf Man, Underworld, An American Werewolf in London, Harry Potter, The Howling, Van Helsing… etc. all featuring hybrid werewolves.

The thing is, there is no right or wrong werewolf, what a werewolf looks like is a matter of opinion. Every author and film maker has their own ideas. Then there are the countless werewolf myths and legends from around the world. Since werewolves are fictional creatures, there is no one truth, there is no right or wrong. I just depends on which werewolf look you like the most.

Now here is the big question. Which do you prefer? A werewolf who transforms into a wolf or a werewolf who transforms into a wolf/human hybrid. To see which transformation is the ultimate winner, I have made a poll! Click away AND let us know in a comment below. Let the debates begin!

– Moonlight

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  1. I think both have their merit. In ancient folklore, the werewolf is usually describe as being almost identical to a real wolf, except the werewolf was supposed to be tailless. The bipedal werewolf may have its origins in the tales of wild man and the Berserker.

    1. That’s not true at all. You got that from Twilight. Twilight is not the basis for all werewolves.

    2. Its simple, since werewolves DON’T EXIST!! lets focus on the way the film industry has portrayed them and created them since the beginning.

      1.Werewolves are fierce MONSTERS, not cute fluffy animals.

      2. Theres nothing new and fascinating about turning into a normal wolf, when u can transform into a jaw dropping hair rising hybrid beast.

      3. NO just NO, twilight didn’t invent the shape-shifter lore!! (not using real life references but since someone made the mistake of saying this, I had to say it).

      4.The only reason they use the real wolf form is because its the werewolf equivalent of a vampire that shines in the sun, and a zombie that falls in love. In other words.. to ruin it!! haha

      PS: I like real life lore on monsters but since its not proven they exist, lets stick with movie lore ;)

  2. I voted to “hybrid” form, but I HATE “The Wolfman”. “Two legged and two armed wolf” is the best form, I tihnk, because werewolf is a creature that is superior to both human and wolf in my mind.
    And I love real canine wild animals. Muzzle, fang, fur and tail are necessary for the werewolf I figure.

    1. self reply(P.S.)
      I voted to “hybrid” but if “Both” means “The werewolf he/she can turn into both four legged wolf and also two legged wolf”, I choose “Both”.

  3. A werewolf to me is simply a human who transforms into a wolf, how much they turn into a wolf is irrelevant as long as they’ve turned into a wolf. Now which do I prefer? That depends on the transformation itself, the forms they take, and the story they’re in. Both Van Helsing and the Wolfman feature hybrid werewolves, but I much prefer Van Helsing’s werewolf form yet the Wolfman’s transformation is better. Although the transformation of Being Human was well done, it’s not very practical for combat as the instant transformation in True Blood. Especially in a setting where there are vampires around that could snap your neck before you finish changing.

  4. I voted both as I feel the classical full wolf transformation (it is in fact the older if the two) can be awesome if done correctly and in fact often looks better than many of the hybrid transformations out there. I would even say a lot do not even really look all that wolfish. Both can be awesomely fierce if done right though i think true wolf transformations are often used poorly as the creator either wants to “domesticate” them or make them second class monsters which has hurt the concept. To me both would be ultimate naking a swift tireless and destryctive creature unmatched by any of those overdone useless blood drinkers or thise braunless shsmbling moving targets! ;)

  5. Hybrid. Definitely tired of female authors having guys change into plain wolves. I grew up with Werewolf: The Apocalypse. MULTIPLE forms, with hybrid (Crinos) being the form for getting the butt-kicking done, and unleashing the beast.

  6. I’m fine with both, and like you said Moon, it all depends on the story and how they are used in it.

  7. I know i sound like a broke record, but True Blood and Twilight ruined Wolf Transformations while the Underworld series merely enforced it. Now anyone that sees a wolf-to-man Transformations, they are instantly reminded of Twilight and their giant,CGI, puppies. Not to mention, True Blood’s horrible portrayal of wolves contribute to the negativity of wolf-to-man Transformations.

    Twilight and True Blood also made wolf-to-man Transformations into a woman’s fantasy. Instead of normal, average, guy turning into a hulking, savage, terrifying, wolf-man monster; the werewolf is now a handsome, muscular, man turning into a normal, beautiful, almost cuddly, wolf.

    1. Actually, while I HATE Twilight and everything it stands for (never seen True Blood, though), Twilight and etc aren’t the ones to ‘blame’. There have been many novels out before Twilight that portrayed men as turning into ‘normal, beautiful, almost cuddly, wolves’.
      (A non-romance example would be the Kitty Norville series)

      But yes, I will agree Twilight has now put that ‘idea’ as mainstream, I still don’t mind both werewolf types. They each have their place.

  8. I think this survey should have more options, because there are more types of werewolves. At least the four forms of Werewolf the apocalypse. I love hibrids that look like crinos (f.e. Van Helsing), I hate glabro form (f.e. The wolfman), and I think I like monstrous wolves over normal wolves. I think the last ones are a bit boring.

  9. In my opinion a werewolf must be an hibrid, but these is because I grew up with that version, while there are anothers, that I don’t complain very much. I prefer hibrids because for me being a werewolf is a curse not a gift. If they suffer during the transformation, their final form must be as painful, being or not mindless beasts (what coul i say i love monsters :x). But this is my very personal opinion and likes :)

    Sorry for my English, it is not my main language.

  10. Hybrid form, because the transformation to wolf form is usually too quick, a cop-out. The hybrid transformations are usually more graphic. That being said, as long as the final result is wild, both hybrid and wolf are fine.

  11. I like both, but I prefer hybrid. And not “The Wolfman” hybrid, but “Underworld” hybrid. Despite that, I will sit and watch/read/hear (ex. audio books or music) basically any and all types because the bottomline, for me, is that it just has to be a werewolf. However, I think my preference is based on two factors: 1) hybrids always have better transformations; and 2) hybrids have more carnage-based movies, which is more fun to me. When you see a human turn into a wolf-like werewolf, the one thing you can be assured of is that the obstacles they face will be romance/pack politics related–or both. It’s rare to have it any other way. Look at “Blood and Chocolate” or (*cough*) “Twilight” as opposed to “American Werewolf in London” or “Dog Soldiers”. Even in “Underworld”, although there’s a pack, its dynamics sit on the back burner as vampires are lain to waste. I prefer that a bit more in my werewolf movies, but it’s not a big deal either way (I’m especially lenient in other entertainment forms).

    ((Also, I’d just want to add for the record, that I DO NOT consider (*gag, cough, claw at throat*) “Twilight” actual werewolf movies/books. Including number three. The main focus of every one of those. . . things, is Bella and her vamps. I lean more towards movies like “Underworld”, because the werewolves weren’t battle deus ex machinas and a bit part in a triangle, but were crucial movers in the movie’s plot. In Bella’s case, if you delete the pack (and book 3 altogether), replace Jacob with a human in the love triangle, sew on the dream sequence ending, voila, it’s still a series about one vamp family defeating another. Just not as many books/movies. But if you take werewolves out of “Underworld” you’ve got nada. This is just my opinion, though, and I wanted to add it for the record books, being I listed that movies as a werewolf movie. I understand others believe that it is such and I respect their beliefs enough to have mentioned it. Do know, though, that it was painful.))

  12. Whoops! I meant “(and MOVIE 3 altogether)”. I couldn’t stomach the books, but I mention them because, as I understand it, they were similar enough to the movies.

  13. lets shed some light on the subject here, there are two kinds of werewolves, the ones that turn into wolf/man hybrids are usually human size with fur/hair all over the body, prolonged fangs and claws, or are larger and have a wolfish snout and ears on top of the head during transformation, the other ones that turn into wolves can easily be distinguished from regular wolves by 1: there LARGER than a normal wolf and 2: they have no tail, they can also stand upright and talk human language. Both types can run on all fours for more velocity and speed while running

  14. I think Underworld has so far the best looking werewolves both 4 legged and bipedal I personally think the bipedal are the best. The whole just shifting into a normal looking wolf is so lame. It’s not scary it’s not frightening at all. I’m reading the Howling books now and to my utter surprise in the books it’s a very large wolf. Not the awesome werewolves from the original Howling movie.

  15. To me… i love the ones in twilight! and Moon Light is really good at this, Ok Ok i know i’m
    to big of a fan! that’s why i come here… to know more about the world of the werewolf.
    the ones that i like is the werewolves!!!! Why? well let’s just say i love drawing them.. i like the body of the human but the wolfness as well… but to me werewolves that look like wolves are the best TO ME.. :)

    Moon Light Guardian ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Watching twilight is TORTURE if i a
    saw Edward standing on a skyscraper i would be sitting there eating popcorn screaming do a flip you sparkly retard factory!!!!!!!

  17. I remember when I was growing up and Fox channel was in it’s infancy as a new network. Not the Goliath it is today and they had a show called Werewolf. Which when I was a kid was amazing and at the time it had some of the best looking werewolves ever created. They were as big as bears and they could move like bears as well and walk upright if they wanted. I think you can find some clips on YouTube.

    The story is about a college student named Eric Cord whose roomie tries to convince him he’s a werewolf and that Eric needs to kill him, but Eric refuses. So his roomie convinces him to then tie him up and watch him and if and when he turns to kill him then. Of course Eric thinks his friends is nuts, but to humor him agrees to do this. Needless to say his roommate in fact does shift and tries to kill Eric. In the ensuing fight Eric gets bitten, but manages to shoot and kill his friend with a loaded gun with silver bullets.

    Then I believe a never full moon Eric shifts. Believing that he’s killed someone he decides to find out everything he can about the curse and find a cure. Which leads him to try and find the Originator of his Werewolf bloodline to sever the line and free him. Through out the show he’s starts hunting a particularly viscous werewolf named Janos Skorzeny which he’s seems drawn to which Eric is of his bloodline so Eric is trying to kill him.

    Skorzeny if I remember is a very old and powerful Wolf and when Eric is close to him both start to shift. Skorzeny can shift almost instantly by removing his eye patch and peeling off his human skin from his face. Eric shifts and more traditional and can always tell because his right palm has a bleeding pentagram on it.

    If I’m not mistaken the Special effects wizards was either Rob Bottin or Rick Baker. If you watched it now it would be a little cheesy but when I was a kid it was the shit.

  18. I rather like hybrides because they are abel to to more things than their wolf counterpart. They have claws – that´s the reason why they can limp or simoly use than as an weapon.
    If you compare a wolf with a cat of the same size thou can see tha the cat is more caoable to fight than the wolf, because of theyre claws an agility.
    Therfore i prefer Hybrids, because they seem mor agil an can fight with the claws like an mountain lion. Furthermore the throat of an Hybris is much higher than a wolf an he can protect so he can protect it better with his claws.

    The hybrids seem to be also much stronger than the wolfs.
    The disadvantages of hybrites is that they are slowe than wolfs and the senses of an wolf are higher than of an hybrid. Futher a hybrid is much more likely to be spotted by humans because of theire unnatural apperance.

    In the films hybrides leck sometimes fur but mostly they have a protective coating.

    All in all these are the reasons why i prefer Hybrides even though there are some disadvantages( i like both).

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