Polish WEREWOLF Dogs

The movie is titled WEREWOLF but it isn’t readily clear that there are no actual werewolves in this film. Not literal werewolves, at any rate. It does have killer dogs, and you could argue that there are werewolves present, but they are werewolves of the mind, conceptual werewolves.

Here’s the official synopsis: “Children liberated from a Nazi concentration camp have to overcome hunger, thirst and vicious attack dogs in an abandoned mansion surround by the forest. The intense Polish film was an official selection of Fantastic Fest (where it was nominated for Best Picture) among many other fests, has won 11 festival awards worldwide, and has also been nominated for 14 more”. Sounds promising. I would have preferred it if they’d worked in an actual werewolf, though.

Check out the trailer for WEREWOLF here. It looks good. Bleak, but good. (It is funny, though, that the admittedly fearsome-looking canines in the film, if you take note, are wagging their tails. This is one behavior that cannot be “trained” out of a dog. It’s also a good indicator of whether or not a movie is using real dogs or if those dogs are created via CGI. If the tails are wagging, the dogs are real.

By The Evil Cheezman

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