Please Turn Me Into A Werewolf!

“Please turn me into a werewolf!” This is something I read quite often in the comments left on the site. Now, before I continue I want to make it perfectly clear that this is by no means an insult to those that wish to become werewolves. I can understand your reasons for wishing it, so like I said, this isn’t an insult.

But, I do have issues with that popular comment. Here is the thing, someone says that they are a werewolf and many of our readers believe them. People lie online a lot, and I mean a lot. I can lie very easily here and say something like, “hey guys, I’m an elf!” or something small like, “I just dyed my hair red.” See how easy that is? That 16-year-old werewolf you have made friends with could very well be a 40-year-old sexual predator. You never know, but you should always keep that in mind.

This is not me assuming you are morons, of course not. But I have seen some of our readers post their actual home addresses in a comment so that the “real werewolf” can come over and bite them. This is incredibly stupid and very dangerous. Every time I see one of those comments I am absolutely shocked and instantly scramble to delete it. Please understand that we are very welcoming to everyone on this site and we love our readers. So of course your safety is considered very important to us.

And yes, someone claiming to be a werewolf could actually be a lost and lonely werewolf, but either way we beg for you to be safe and smart. Before you get too serious, pleasepleaseplease stop and think long and hard about what that person is saying. Do your own research on the subject, not Twilight, not Underworld, but real deep research. Check out all of the facts – knowledge is power. There have been times when I have proved someone was lying by simply picking up a book and doing some quick research and seeing that all of their “facts” were very wrong.

Something else that is a problem is when someone copies and pastes the same comment over and over and over, “PLEASE BITE ME, I WANNA BE A WEREWOLF!!!!” You are more than welcome to leave that comment, but I have seen people posting it over ten times and do you know what I do? I go through and delete each comment except for one. I don’t like spamming and posting over and over won’t help your chances becoming a werewolf. Actually, if I were a wolf and saw that I’d be like, “man, fuck that!” and move on.

So overall I am begging you to all be safe and smart. Please do not believe everything someone writes. Please do not post your home address or your e-mail address in a comment because it will be deleted. Please no spam. And once again, please do not consider this an insult. I adore all of our readers – the furry ones and the hairless ones.

Hugs all around!
– Moonlight

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  1. Taylor Smathers some times if a birthday on a Friday the 13th(like mine I will be 13)
    you may have a chance to become one.I think the riddle said:Howl plowl like four day strait and hope your love is not late.(Oh my luck I am up at 3:30am and my glasses dont work well thats a certain sign :(

    1. If you really want to be bitten chances are you probably wont survive, if you really want to be one honestly tough luck, being born to Werewolf parents or the certain birthdays are you best bet

    2. wtf… did u turn into a werewolf??? or no u want to… because im a werewolf and i want to transform into my “wolf body” lol :)

    3. i dont know what u are so worked up about people grow out of there glasses all the time. i was born on friday the 13th as well on a new moon as well, legend says that means i should be an alpha werewolf with no memory of who i kill or if i change at all. plus my ankle which i shifted its growth plate and had an x-ray to prove it healed in 5 days. it was so bad i needed surgery but for some reason it healed on its own and this was like 2 days ago. So i cant explan that but still it would be cool to be a werewolf but im not shure.

  2. hi can one of you werewolves bite me or turn me into one!? please!? ireally want to become one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dude ur ganna get raped or somthing u will die uif u get bitten trust me i would now….. and just go and find a spell and trasform your self ……. dont give any body ur adress!!!!! OK??!!??

    2. dear josie, i’m glad you take interest in werewolves, however in most cases in which people get bitten by werewolves is very painful and in most cases the bites get infected,though werewolves do exist and (we) sometimes get lonely,(we) don’t enjoy biting people,even if we could turn others,we would change our mates only if they wished to be,but even doing so can kill them,i would like you to reconsider becoming a werewolf,there is only 1 true way to become one,1) unlike most people it really takes only 1 parent to become a werewolf but it can skip generations before anyone as the werewolf gene.what that means is if you don’t have any ancestors with the werewolf gene then you can’t become one,even if you met couldn’t become one,only your kids,sorry if i disappointed you

  3. I totally agree with that a 40-year old could be waiting for you to give them your address so they can come over and rape you. I had a friend who fell for that. She said she was having a werewolf over for dinner and i said that it might really be a rapist but about 2 hours later i hear her scream and then silence. I wait about 10 minutes until i see a car speed away then I ran over to her house and I see her mother and her lying on the bed naked barely breathing. The first thing that pops into my head is what the heck I told you it was probably a rapist then immediatly I call 911. It was really scary.

    1. OMG!!! HOW OLD WAS HE?? thats wat i told josie……. if they want to transform so bad they should just do a spell to transform there selfs :|

    1. There isn’t really a spell to turn you into a werewolf, if there was then there would be werewolves running around everywhere. Ok?

        1. And Nightmare is lying. I’ve worked on this website for long enough to know when someone is lying or not. I’ve researched werewolves for years and I can assure you, there is no simple everyday spell to turn you into a werewolf. Use your head and be realistic for a moment. Did you not read the post above? People lie, they play pretend. Don’t fall for it.

  4. will someone reply i mean theres 6 million people on the earth you think thered be more comments rights and there were more people studing werewolves

    1. There are actually around 7 billion people on earth :) The thing is guys, if these spells worked then there would be werewolves everywhere, but there aren’t, which means the spells aren’t real. Do more research on werewolves and you’ll learn that it may not be a possibility. I have studied werewolves professional and personally for many years now, I read and write about them every day and I can’t tell you how to be one. You need to accept that you may never become a werewolf.

      1. no becouse nobody take the time to look through riddles and crafty hand work for 7 years and not many people like werewolves but there super cool and there (real to)(so you wont think i dont like them)

          1. This isn’t a chat room, if you want to talk go to the forum (it’s linked above).

  5. Y would ppl wana turn into a Werewolf? if it was me i turn in to Lycan. Werewolf has no control once the beast inside da human comes out. A lycan has control and shapeshift when they desire. And believe me or not Shapeshifter is REAL. Thers lots that Natives can tell.

    1. dude you should know that a lycan is a werewolf,if you don’t please watch underworld cause i’v never heard that in my entire life.

  6. Despite my name could i point out tht the reason i seem girly is cuz i am so dont make pun if u think im a guy please and thnk u! I know for a fact its absoulutly impossible for a natural born human to become a werewolf its absoulutly ridiculous. Your born a werewolf it could seem like a curse or the best thing possible depending on how u see it if u are hypotheticlly speaking a werewolf. This maybe just my view but i hope u see my flow!

  7. i know some of u want to be a werewolf but unless u wr born one u cant be one,just dont give u address there r some wierd things out there xD just watch lots of those movies or whatever…CYA

  8. i dont want to sound cliche but ive always loved the science ficitony/magical/paranormal stuff i dont really want to be turned but i feel like if i meet a wolf we could chill and hang out i mean it must be lonley being diff and always having to watch over your shoulders well i live in phoenix and its pretty much all desert so you would think i would run in to one but i havent any way getting side tracked lol so i just wanted to say hey and can you explain to what feelings do you feel when you change if yo change are mates really real and whats it like smelling ppl like times 10 all the time its must cuk iknow there are misconceptions but thanks and hope you guys are safe out there

  9. you guys im doing this for everyones sake and i speak for everyone when i say this u guys who think yr werewolfs screw off! i do bileve in them put no idiot would post it on the internet!

    1. Hay there are some that actually want some body know their out there some where. They want to help people to keep believing that there are werewolf’s out there. So why wouldn’t they post it on the internet, they want people believe their out there , so what wrong with that.

  10. Hello moonlight. I’ve been a long time believer of werewolves and have done my research. I know the risks, but also the benefits. Im more than willing to deal with them. Personally, I believe I can handle it. The benefits would be extremely useful&great for me. I promise they will be put to good use. So with all that said, would you please do me the greatest honor of helping me become a werewolf. I would most graciously be awaiting your response to this post. You can send an email to the email address I provided above. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for being so polite and respectful, but unfortunately I have no idea how to turn someone into a werewolf. I have worked for this website for a couple years now and have been studying werewolves for even longer and I have yet to come across any way for someone to turn into a werewolf. Sorry.

  11. Ok I have questions that need to be answered my girlfriend got turned by a cycopathic jackass werewolf and we know nothing on how it happened so the question is what are the ways you can be turned I don’t mean to be a bother so if you dont want to answer you don’t have to

  12. I really want to turn in to a were wolf I been trying for five years if some one really knows how please write back I need to know how I understand what I’m getting myself into so any one plzzzzzzz

  13. I’m all for what u explained..I’m someone who is strongly infatuated with the fact that we can be shapeshifters.I wana use the gift of the werewolf to protect people set an example to everyone that something good can do bad and something bad can do good. I’ve been saying protecting spells for wolves all over the world and want to be a protector of God and the moon goddess. I know I sound insane but something is telling me to keep believing.

  14. hi this is my first time posting but i think that werewolves r fairly cool but i have a different idea of the perfect werewolf form.I would like to be a werewolf but im not so desperete as most of these ppl seem to be and i think that real werewolves might not actually come to this site so that means dont put all ur faith in one place.I agree that there may not be an easy way to become a werewolf and iv tried since i was 12 so i have a little experience most ppl think that there r springs in germany that hold the properties required for transformation but thats one of the few thing i havent tried yet.I kno that most of u probly wont like to hear this but u want to be a werewolf find one and dont beg thats a sign of weakness and be prepared because u might have to become part of a pack in which u might be the omega wolf which means the scapegoat. i kno the risks involved and have already accepted that it might never happen and that if it did i would have to obey the orders of others if it is a pack werewolf that bites me. alwayes kno the risk and never meet anybody at ur house always somewhere very public that u can talk but nobody listens.Try the local gas station or courthouse.always try to be subtle about the subject and never go alone, always with a trusted friend or relative. i would suggest at the very least go to the local diner or something else equally crowded but that means u can talk hopefully without bieng overheard.And if u have doubts about the person make sure u tell someone where ur going so they can meet u there of spy from a distance to make sure ur ok.This was acually the way i met my father for the first time…Always be careful cubs u never kno who or whats out there…

  15. ok look i don’t give a fuck about human i hit them i know wut i’m getting in to i live in the bronx and i live on lyman so if thair a wolf that can help me become a wolf them so be it

  16. Hi my name is Chris and I was jw if you can change into a wolf or not and I really love wolfs and wanna be one so bad I have been trying to look at web sites try to figger out if I can change into one or not please help me

  17. hi me agin… i know most of you dont want ot hear this but u should just keep researching and i u do decide to try one of the spells or rituals or somthing like that be very carful about it like the one where u have to sleep outside on the ground at night on a friday during a fullmoon, my advice on that one would be to do it on a friday the thirteenth and have a can of mace of somthing incase of animal thats not a werewolf decides to see what your doing. according to german legends there is a spring or stream that is “cursed” and that anyone who drinks from it will be turned. but its somwhere in the black forest or somthing like that my german is a little rusty.then there is the chant “spirits from the deep who never sleep be kind to me, spirits from the grave without soul to save be kind to me, spirits of the trees who grow upon the leas be kind to me, spirits of the air foul aand black not fair be kind to me,water spirits hateful to ships and bathers fateful be king to me, spirits of the earthbound dead that glide with noiseless tread be kind to me,spirits of heat and fire destructive in your ire be kind to me,spirits of cold and ice patrons of crome and vice be kind to me,wolves,satyrs, vampires ghosts, elect of all devilish hosts i pray thee send hither send hither the great grey shape that make men shiver,shiver,shiver,come, come, come!come spirit so powerful come spirit so dread, from the home of the werewolf th ehome of the dead.come give me thy blessing come lend thine ear,O spirit of darkness,oh spirit so drear, come mighty phantom come great unknowncome from thy dwelling so gloomy and lone, come i beseech the depart from thy lairand body and soul shall be thine i delclair!haste hsate haste, horrid spirit hast. speed speed speed scaring spirit fast fast fatefule spirit fast, i offer thee great spirit of the unknown this night my body and soulon the condition that thou grantest me from this night til the hour of my death the power of metamorphosing noctunally into a wolf (or wolflike creature)i beg i pray i implore thee -thee unparalled spirit of darknessa werewolf make me,(and unfortunatley i know this to be a dark spell but i have no clue as to how to make it work but its not over yet i gets a bit gruesome from here)make me a werewolf make me a man eater make me a werewolf make me a woman eater make me a werewolf make me a child eater, i pine for blood human blood give it to me give it to me tonight great wolf spirit give it to me and heart body and souli am yours,tis night tis night and the moon shines white over pine and snow covered hills, the shadows stray through burn and breaand dance in the sparkling rill.tis night tis night and the devils light cast glimmering beams aroundthe maras dance and the nisses pranceon the flower enamled ground, tis night tis night and the werewolves might make man and nature shiveryet its feirce grey head and stealthy tread are not to thee o river, river, river, river,oh water strong that swirls along i prithee a werewolf make meof all thing dear my soul i swear in death shal not forsake thee…..this spell is dark and i doubt it will work but u have to chant it three time along with other thing that im not going to tell u,and yes moonlight i know that as soon as u see this u wil probly delete it and honestly i dont blame you its just way to dark. and besides if they were to do this spell they would need the whole of the instructions, personally i doubt that this spirit would give u wat u want without extreme pain and suffering during your lives. im sorry moonlight if i have broken the rulse i was just copying a spell and i didnt think it would be that dark.there r others but that invloves extremely black magics that makes this look like a childhood lullaby. so agin i say BE CARFULE cubs i dont want to hear about anyone getting hurt over trying to becoome a werewolf.

    1. Hay Jlena I know where you got that dark spell from and I know that book is at right this very second. That dark spell came out of a book, I have written it down put it I did something I shouldn’t have with it. I don’t know how I got it to almost work but the pain from the after it was very very unpleasant, so my advice to everyone dark spell never ever try to them, the pain gets to be unbearable.

  18. I am curious about the desire to become a man- beast I live in a home were I was practically raised by animals .

  19. I am desperate to become a werewolf, I know they are real and I really, truly want to become one. I would do anything to pass through a right of passage to become one. Please if you can turn me please let me know.

  20. drink water from a stream from where some wolves have dunk recently on a fuuuuuuuuuul moon llllight .aaawwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

  21. Just so the stupid ppl know(who five their address) if u get bitten u have a sort of good chance u won’t transform or die.An the first transformation is a very painful thing to go through I don’t think anyone would want to go through that much u will only transform when u get bitten if the werewolf bites u on your neck or res. And it’s saliva would have to go through your blood system an that means the werewolf bite would be EXTREMELY STRONG.LONG an PAINFUL!!!!

  22. I dont get why people come to this site saying they are werewolves. Why would a werewolf search “How can I be turned into a werewolf”??? I personally have to say that I love wolves. I’ve also been wondering, i’m 15, I have some sort of violent, blood thirsty, animalistic inner animal (It’s a wolf). After mastering Mind Shifting (Where you teach yourself to heighten instincts etc), I feel very violent and blood thirsty. I’ve seen a doctor and some people I know and it seems to be the very answer is my inner animal. As I have been told, learning my inner self has turned me violent and thirsty for blood, I seem stronger than ever though. Any opinions on how to control this power that i’ve set free and how to make myself even stronger but not always thinking of violence and blood. (Another fact: My faverout colour is “Sanguine”) I’m not saying this is changing into an actual wolf, but it’s me teaching my mind to be like my inner animal. If anybody is considering this method, I say go ahead. But I hope you dont go violent like I have. I also Lucidly dream about wolves, It’s like I live a life in my dreams where i’m peaceful and a life during the real world where I act like a wolf. (Lucid dreaming: Where you are in control **LIKE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET** But you dont die from anything, you decide what happens and you are who/what you want to be).

  23. I do want the gift but I don’t want someone to damn themselves over my want I have a blood line going back to old times but it seems to have stopped sometime back and I think I have found a way to turn without damning the soul of a werewolf and I have found the true reason for them ( why they are here) I hope to reach those who seek answers please post in response if you are out there

  24. Ok….so i would make the perfect werewolf….and i know everything there is about werewolves….but like everyone else im just human hoping for a CHANGE!!!! !!!!

  25. Hi, Mon light
    My name is Amber. I would want to become a werewolf but not for the wrong reason, I’ve been doing some research about the subject, it has been an arduous time. If you know may you tell me where I can learn to shapeshift. I know what I would be getting myself into, I have been to practically every website known to man about werewolves. I debate on whether to believe some stuff, I here’d of one thing to supposedly turn yourself into a werewolf, werewolf beer sold in Lithuania. I checked at the bottom to see who the author was, no one. I again have put an abundant amount of different substances to “turn you into a werewolf.” I’m not saying that I don’t believe in werewolves, I most do

  26. Hi again moonlight,
    I have read in articles about native American tribes being able to turn you into a werewolf. Should I believe it, if so what native tribe would it be?
    Yours truly,

    1. The thing is, there is no proof of any “real” werewolves. So you never know if it’s true or not. A lot of people claim to be werewolves but they’re just lying for attention. Nobody knows for sure if they are real, and sadly, I can’t tell you what is fact and what is fiction. It’s up to you and faith. There’s nothing wrong in believing :) but I personally don’t know if they are real or not and I have been studying them for years.

      1. Thanks moonlight,
        That’s what drives me up the wall when people claim that something is true but they are usually Lying.
        I’ve been doing research as well, the only thing that helps me is books because you know that they are most Likley not lying, unlike the
        Internet, and your so right it would be easy to lie on the Internet

        Thanks again,

  27. truth is tht if ur born a werewolf u can change whenever u want, no need to be nite or full moon thts a lycan i wasnt born one but i already had some genetic benefits, thts why i am what i am, lycans r way stronger than newly bitten werewolvs, but my bros nd sisters say tht it is a way of being primitive, my dad doesnt like werewolves either, he barely can stand me, plus is bad cuz when u a lycan u are conscious of ur actions and u differentiate right from wrong, when my family punishes me i feel like the worst being in the world, it is not all fun and games when u are bitten, if ur family is like mine u dont wanna be bitten ever in ur life even if u r a lycan, cz what my dad doesnt like is tht i look like a animal

  28. Hi, i just found this web site randomly because i was looking up on how to shift (found some awsome stuff). Well anyway, they say that if you have dreams of you being a wolf (like seeing through the eyes of the creature) you are a werewolf. OMG I THINK I MIGHT BE ONE ’cause thats happend to be for like EVER. BUT!!!!!… if you want to because one you can look up meditation spells to do so (just NOT NOT NOT ABUSOLUTLY NOT WITCH CRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) well.. i can’t wait tell i can! i just need to get these braces off first (2 months more! or LESS!! yay)

  29. It makes perfect sense. Because as far as I know, you have to be born a werewolf. Forgive my if I’m wrong about that. The only things I’ve learned about werewolves is from Twilight.

  30. To be completely honest I have always been drawn to the moon and I feel comfortable at night. I’m fascinated by wolves and cats and I seem to have a mutual hatred for each other. The idea of being a werewolf is interesting. The enhanced senses, the improved reflexes, sight, strength is very tempting. Immortality, I admit is also a very large part if the desire. It’s not I simply don’t want to die, even though that’s part of it, I wish to travel the world, do extreme sports, witness the evolution of technology…. In other words I want to watch the world change. I can do that now but not to the extent that I wish and that is something I need an unlimited life span for.

  31. OK well I really love werewolfs I was looking into it and I would Maby want to know more before I find out if I want to be a werewolf I believe in the blood moon the full moon and everything else I truely believe in werewolfs I want to know if I’d be right to be a werewolf I have it in heart and I love to watch werewolf movies and read werewolve books but they all don’t seam the same o would love to learn more please get back to please and thank you. :)

  32. I have been dreaming about werewolves a lot latelyand I swear I have been seeing them all over the place and I feel like I’m being watched even when there is no one around I do want to be a werewolf but I don’t know how or what todo

  33. Why can no English speaking person speak in proper English. We have seven-year-olds on here believing that if they wish hard enough, they can become a werewolf, but honestly, I think that some of you should be taught what life is. Do not give your address on the computer. Age is fine by me on these sites that are fairly anonymous, but realize that there ARE bad people who, werewolf or not, will come to your house and hurt you if they are indeed interested in it.

  34. I use a spellcast pendant that inhances wolf like spirituality. If I could get help to gain the physical transformation of a werewolf I would be very greatfull.

  35. Well I doesn’t matter to me if I wish to be turned I would love it it feels like that kind of power is missing from me like someone stole it when someone mentions werewolves I feel weird

  36. hi, i feel a real werewolf I sleep a lot so i’m a real werewolf or not? pleases me. i feel one please help to feel a real my wolf self. I ask the real wolf sprirt to help me.

  37. You all want to become werewolf’s really, you wouldn’t be able to handle the pain of transforming into a werewolf, I should know live with pain everyday of my life, if you can’t handle the pain in the life your in now you wouldn’t the pain of becoming a werewolf. I have done my research, there is a lot pain and sufering that comes with becoming a werewolf. Ha, ever sicne I was borned I could acrally understand what dogs were saying, but at first it was not clear enough to tell or make out what they were saying. I am 18 years old and I act more like a wolf with every passing night. I am so miserable when I am in a house, but when I go into the woods feel more alive then ever. My speed,strength,agilit,reflexs,sicne of smell,and sicne of hearing increase. But I am not for sure if I am a werewolf or not, but here is some interesting information, every night when I go to bed sometime when I wake up I have wierd scrach marks and sometime I have wierd and almost evenly spaced out bite marks of something K-9 teeth, just mostly on my arms. I have only 2 incounters with wolves before, I stumbled behind a tree and sat down fell asleep for a little bit and when I woke up there only at least 16 feet in front of me, stairing at me was a wolf, I did not move or anything until the wolf walked off and I never seen that wolf again. My second incounter was with a small family of wolves, I new I would be attack if I didn’t move away very lowly, that was my 2 close incounters with death. Within them 2 incounters with them the wolf and the smallwolf family, with each 1 I new what they were saying by looking at them in the eye’s and keeping my head lower then the wolf’s head, but the first one ant important, but the second one is, the male wolf is the one I came into eye contact with and he told me, “you are get any closer to my pups iI will kill you” I gave a little wimper to tell him I mean no harm to your mate or your pups and to you. Then I slowly backed away and left.

  38. I have a Wolf Transformation Ritual, but what ever happens if you preform this ritual it will not come back on me, you can do this ritual at your own risk, and no one better copy and past this because i will contact the website’s owner and it will deleted and I will ask her to delete this post, so if one person copies and past this that one person will rune it for everyone on this site.

    There is a word in Russia, oborot, that translates to ‘one transformed’. It also refers to WEREWOLF and in this particular belief, one who was a Werewolf, transformed from a man to, well Werewolf.

    There was a whole ritual that went along with it to which I found very interesting. In fact, for all those people who stand in front of a dark mirror chanting Bloody Mary three times, let me know how this one works out.

    So what do you need to do this ritual?

    1 Forest

    1 Tree that has been cut down (basically a tree stump then)

    1 Copper Knife

    2 legs (your own for walking)

    1 Voice (your own for chanting the ritual)

    1 Night (pick your moon)

    You have to stab the tree stump with the copper knife. Leave it there and then walk around it chanting:

    On the sea, on the ocean, on the island, on Bujan,

    On the empty pasture gleams the moon, on an ashstock lying

    In a green wood, in a gloomy vale.

    Toward the stock wandereth a shaggy wolf.

    Horned cattle seeking for his sharp white fangs;

    But the wolf enters not the forest,

    But the wolf dives not into the shadowy vale,

    Moon, Moon, gold-horned moon,

    Check the flight of bullets, blunt hunter’s knives,

    Break the shepherd’s cudgels.

    Cast wild fear upon all cattle,

    Oh men, on all creepings things,

    That they may not catch the grey wolf,

    That they may not rend his warm skin!

    My word is binding, more binding than sleep,

    More binding than the promise of a hero!

    Now spring, which I suppose means leap over the tree stump THREE times. And you will turn into a wolf!

  39. Here is another ritual and just like said in the my last post, you do it at your own risk and if someone copies and past it will rune it for everyone that understood.

    Here are a few steps, which you can follow and become a werewolf.


    Go and sleep on an open ground on a full moon night on Fridays. Make sure that your face is in the moonlight.

    Try drinking water from the footsteps of wolf. According to an ancient belief, it will help you in growing your
    fangs and hair.

    You can also go and drink water from magical water reservoirs, the location of this place is not found yet. You
    can also drink water from the same pool as the wolf’s.

    You can also try to eat a wolf’s brain. All you need to do is read the book Wicked Witch’s Recipe Cookbook and
    follow the recipe.

    Another method is to get a magic charm from a French Priest.

    The next method is a perfect method followed by many people. (Try at your own risk)


    On a full moon night, go to a hilltop. Then at midnight with the help of a stick draw two circles of 3 and 7 feet
    in diameter respectively.

    Light a fire in between both the circles and place a huge metal pot on the fire.

    Put some cooking oil, aconite, poplar leaves and hen bane in the pot. Form a mixture with it.

    If you cannot find the mentioned ingredients then you can use bat’s blood and cow bane instead. While the recipe
    is boiling, say some mysterious chants.

    Try to make some creative chants like, All the spirits of the dead with a silent stride, kindly bless me, and
    help me be one with you and your powers.

    Next, you have to take out all your clothes and apply a magic ointment to your entire body the magic ointment
    should be chilled.

    Wrap a wolf’s skin on your body, or you can also tie a belt. Kneel down at midnight in full moon and recite some
    more chants. On with your head hit the ground three times while chanting. Also look make sure to look out for the
    silver bullets.

          1. Hi do u have snapchat?
            If you have it add me on snapchat and I’ll tell you everything thisis my anapchat aliahmadi13

          2. I don’t have a snapshot but I have a Facebook account you can give me a friend request

        1. but how? there is no way to send you a message……. Also sorry for not introducing myself, nice to meet you, and I want to become a werewolf.

          1. Typically you can’t, but I have a unique username that I use a lot. Usually I can find people pretty easily unless they have a common username like “christopher”.

          2. Would you be able to enlighten me on becoming a werewolf? I have been trying, and alas no result. You can message me or vice versa. If possible……

          3. You simply have werewolf saliva mix into your bloodstream in a way that doesn’t kill you. That being said, I’ve yet to meet a true werewolf. I am working on a process that can work for a user, but it’s very user specific.

          4. It’s lees about being chosen, and more about knowing yourself well enough to make it. That being said, it may not even work.

          5. Is it okay if I contact you? Getting turned would be way easier than recreating the initial process!

          6. If there is a will there is a way, though I do know it may not work, heck it may be a hoax, but I’m willing to try. Believe me I’m ready.

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