Play Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf on Your iOS Device

While searching for an entertaining werewolf game to play on my cell, I came across Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf. Sadly this popular game is totally useless to me since it’s for iOS and I am a droid user, but I’m sure we have plenty of Apple lovers here that will be able to enjoy the game. Check out the game details below.

Game Description:

“A flying saucer landed on Earth; its enigmatic pilot asks for help. Ghosts and monsters lurk inside his magnificent custom painted flying saucer, but Eileen, the new ninja in town, is at the right place at the right time and so she gets to go on an adventure that is as nostalgic as it is NEW.

Inspired by really good classic games like Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario and Metroid, Mystery of the J-Werewolf was designed to be as comfortable as holding an old NES controller, but also to use the modern features of iOS devices in unique ways.”

Since I can’t play and properly review this strange game, I have no clue as to what role werewolves have in it (boo!). All I know is that “werewolf” is in the title. What I can tell you is that this 8-bit retro inspired game has received loads of awesome reviews all over the web from big and small gamer sites. According to the reviews the gameplay is addictive and the dialogue is hilarious. Two things that are always enjoyable in a game.

Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf only costs 99 cents and can be found HERE in the iTunes store.

Has anyone here played Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf? If so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. “Yes! And no.

    There is a werewolf and it is very much central to the story, but he kind of don’t make an appearance in EP1. But if you find all the secret rooms, a weird monster will tell you a little about the back story of this werewolf character.”

    That was the reply I got when I asked on their facebook page for the game, so there is a werewolf but you don’t actually see him in episode 1… XD

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