Piranha-Man Vs Werewolf-Man: Howl of the Piranha Lurking Your Way Soon

If you’re looking for some B-grade badness, then you are in luck my wondrous werewolf fans. The low-budget, craptastic, Piranha-Man Vs Werewolf-Man: Howl of the Piranha is coming soon to DVD. An entire film of bad costumes, bad acting, and a bad storyline is right there within your grasp, you just have to wait until October 9, 2012. I am sure you are filled to the brim with excitement.

Onto the movie description:

“The epic, generations-long battle between two of natures most perfect killing machines! The rivalry between the fish-like Piranha-Man and the canine WereWolf-Man is one of brutal murder, familial kidnappings, stalking, and incest! When the decades-old fight begins to affect the life of investigative journalist Lexi Glass, she finds that sometimes you need to become the story in order to report the story. She discovers the battle of a lifetime along with the horrible secret of her family s past! It’s the inter-species battle you’ve been waiting for!”

Yeah, this movie is trash, exploitation-film trash. But that’s kind of the whole point of it. It’s perfect for those who miss the days of grungy grindhouse. I will be passing on this film, I like real movies, not mindless gore-filled monster flicks. Not my thing, but to each their own.

There is no word of whether or not the DVD will have any bonus content, but one can hope.

Anyone here planning on picking up their own copy of  Piranha-Man Vs Werewolf-Man: Howl of the Piranha? Do any of you like bad B-grade movies? Do you have bad movie nights (I totally had those back in the day)?

– Moonlight

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