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Pickin’ on Pazuzu

Everybody knows Pazuzu as the demon in THE EXORCIST, possessing and tormenting poor little Linda Blair. But Pazuzu is a real figure from Mesopotamian mythology, an Akkadian storm god. There are those who maintain, though, that it is an awkward fit to have him be the antagonist in the movie, that possessing and tormenting children would be out of character for him to do. Some even go so far as to argue that, if Pazuzu had really been there and involved in the situation, he might well be PROTECTING little Regan rather than victimizing her. Is that accurate? Possibly.

Although in the authentic mythology, Pazuzu (alternately called “Fazuzu”–you can see why they went with the version they did for the movies, and why the demon isn’t mentioned at all in the original film) was known to bring both famine and plagues of locusts, he also was known as an enemy to other evil entities, especially the demon goddess Lamashtu, who, like the Babylonian Lilitu/Lilith, posed a specific threat to mothers giving birth. Lilith, as many readers may know, was incorporated into Jewish mysticism as the first wife of Adam and, sometimes, the mother of all vampires.
Hmmm. Pazuzu versus Lilith. I think I just thought of the plot for the next THE EXORCIST movie. I will expect full payment for my intellectual property. i.e. my idea, should that film ever get made.

The Evil Cheezman • October 25, 2018

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