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furpetWhile reading the young adult paranormal novel, Intertwined by Gena Showalter, I came across a sentence that would make every werewolf fan cringe in revulsion. One of the characters in this book is a werewolf and he asks one of the other characters a question… he asks… he asks her if she will scratch him behind the ears! He actually asks someone to pet him! Ahhhhhhhhh! Seriously, this werewolf asks for pettings. He’s a werewolf, not a dog! That’s unacceptable!

Being the werewolf fan that I am, and being highly obsessive and not letting things go, I couldn’t stop thinking about that one damn line. What self-respecting werewolf would let anyone pet them? None! And who would ASK for a scratch behind the ears? No one. I have read a lot of werewolf books and in some of them the werewolves are mindless monsters and in others they are intelligent shapeshifters. All of them are badass in some shape or form. The more wolf-like of them are very prideful and would bite the hand of anyone who tried to treat them like a dog. Wolves aren’t dogs. Grr.

That stupid question pissed me off, but I stopped and asked myself if it was really that bad. Was I being pissy for nothing? Is it ok for someone to pet a werewolf? No. I don’t think it’s ok. But what do YOU think? Am I being a silly spaz or do you agree that petting a werewolf is ridiculous? Is there ever a time when it’s acceptable to pet a werewolf? Or scratch it behind the ears like in this book? I don’t think so, but I will leave it up to you guys to answer.

I will even make a poll!

Let your opinions be heard in a comment below.

– Moonlight

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    1. I’m talking about fictional werewolves… not needy bottoms looking for controlling tops. In the fake world of werewolves it’s demeaning.

    2. Damn, way to be hating on submissive/bottom people. My point is that it isn’t necessarily demeaning even in the fake world of werewolves, just like submission in real life isn’t demeaning if it’s what everyone involved wants. And if the werewolf wants to be petted, why shouldn’t s/he be able to ask for it? Just ’cause someone gets turned into a werewolf doesn’t mean their personality has to completely change. Even in fiction.

  1. Maybe there should be a subgenre dealing with “misnamed weredogs”. *Snicker*

    In response to some: why would you write about a wolf if you don’t want it to be a wolf? What would be the point?

    In truth, I know the answer: lacking any real writing talent, the author fell back on Mary Sue tropes to live out her fantasy of a relationship with her ideal man. There is no reason that I feel is good enough to justify something so lazy. It’s right up there in my mind with sparkling vegetarian vampires.

  2. I would say yes very hesitantly. The only time I would find it acceptable would be if the petter and the pettee were mates in different forms.

  3. No. Just no.

    I would think any werewolf would find that demeaning – a wolf is not a dog, and shouldn’t be treated as such!

    In lots of other werewolf books I’ve read, the werewolves HATE being treated like dogs. Or referred to as ‘dogs’ or ‘mutts’ (usually by vampires…), and etc.

  4. i agree with everyone that says that werewolves should NOT be treated like dogs. i also agree with the people who state that anyone who pets a werewolf will probably lose a few fingers. but in all honesty, a werewolf is not a solitary creature. it still has a connection with a wolf. and wolves have very strong social bonds. saying so, i don;t think that any punk ho just happened to walk up can “pet” a werewolf. but if the werewolf asks their mate, or if the werewolf feels a certain duty to the person petting them, in return for a favor, i don’t see it as unacceptable. being petted is a sign of trust and love. but if some stupid hunter or vamp came up, HELL NO, kill him!!

    1. I agree with you I don’t think a were would mind if the person was their mate or pack

  5. Humans love back massages, neckrubs, and just massages in general. Why would a werewolf be any different. Werewolves don’t always need to be the “MUST KILL EVERYTHING THAT COMES NEAR ME” monster. Why can’t there be a werewolf that actually can enjoy the feeling of a good massage, the scratch behind the ear. If it feels good to the werewolf then who cares if it’s demeaning.

  6. Ok, I don’t see why it’s bad to pet a werewolf in certain occasions, as it was mention before if it’s their mate who asks. Otherwise, you’re risking yourself to loose a couple of fingers… Hey what about a werewolf kid who was raised like a dog by humans? The child would find it fine x)

    Greetings from Argentina.

    1. Your scenario of the wolf boy is the perfect point to jump off of with something greater. In reality you created an example that works better to agree with not petting a werewolf.

      If it were a story, it would be an interesting character arc to have the kid realize he’s not a dog and instead more akin to a wild animal. It’s a wonderful evolution and one thst can be used to draw the audience in to his life. It also evokes conflicting emotions as to why the adults in the story would treat the kid like a dog.

      Subtext is sometimes more interesting.

  7. wow that’s why i hate when good authors go young adult, they loose all their fire. petting werewolves in the laurel k Hamilton antia blake series maybe petting werewolves like the family pet…no just no

  8. A REAL WEREWOLF would never demear him/herself that way. Its like an offensive stereotype against black people. Now I can’t say the same about the lames ass shapeshifters amd their “squick” mates but thats another thing.

  9. I voted for ‘sometimes’. If it were any person off the street, or a passing acquaintance, or something, then yes, it would be demeaning. If it were a young child, being petted or scratched by an older sibling or parent, perhaps even going through the change for the first time, that’s an entirely different story! If it’s a pair of lovers (leaving the hot topic of mates aside), that’s a different story too.

    And, now, I am tempted to write a story about a werewolf who breaks both hind legs and then develops an itch right behind his ears, so bad that he absolutely MUST ‘demean’ himself by asking a friend to scratch him, just to annoy you. Yep, highly tempted.

  10. I’ve been watching Bitten on YouTube and Elena gets pissed off because Clayton petted her but he says she let him and I just read somewhere on this blog that it’s different when a lover/mate pets the other werewolf. Why is it different? Is it sexual? A show of trust? What does this mean? I’ve been wanting to write a story with werewolves in it and am trying to soak up as much info as possible.

  11. Dogs happened because wolf’s have a natural instincts to bond with others (usually other wolves) this bond allowed them to become the first pets. A werewolf, having similar instincts, could as easily make this bond or be open to it as being “bloodthirsty monsters”. Being willing to close to a human, wanting to kill them all, or anywhere in between is just about personality and personal preference.

  12. Yikes, gatekeeping much? I mean I’d imagine that if a werewolf trusted someone enough, they’d ask for a scratch. Wolves are social creatures and it is common for them to groom one another so I don’t see how this is a real issue.

  13. Hasn’t anyone here actually watched actual videos of REAL wolves? If they trust you, they want to kiss your mouth and LOVE to be scratched, massaged, petted, and even like to cuddle next to each other. If they don’t trust you, you’re not going to have to worry about keeping your fingers to yourself, because either you’re not likely to get that close or you’re not going to have any fingers left!

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