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Performing Werewolf Magic

A lot of you come here looking for spells to become werewolves and lucky for you, we have a few posts on werewolf spells. However, none of you have had any luck with these spells and beg and plead for an explanation as to why you haven’t sprouted fur yet. Well, did any of you bother to learn about magic beforehand?  How can you perform a spell successfully when you haven’t taken the time to learn how magic works? It’s like jumping into a manual car and trying to drive stick without any lessons first – you aren’t going to get far.

Now, performing magic requires proper research and patience. Since the topic is so vast and complicated I couldn’t possibly tell you all you need to know in a single post, but what I can do is recommend a fantastic book for beginners – The Real Witches’ Handbook by Kate West.

Kate West’s trusted guidebooks have made her the most acclaimed Witchcraft author in the UK today. Llewellyn is proud to bring her classic The Real Witches’ Handbook to US readers.

What is a real Witch? With honesty and friendly flair, West sets the record straight about the life of a modern Witch. Dispelling common myths and Hollywood-inspired images, she reveals the true beliefs and practices of this nature-based spirituality:

Sabbat Celebrations • The Wiccan Rede • Magic and Spells
The Rule of Three • Deities • The Moon’s Phases • Herb Lore
Divination • Pathworking • Rituals and Meditations
Choosing Your Witch Name • Craft Initiation • Coven or Solitary

From seasoned practical advice to simple magical spells, within these pages you’ll find everything a real Witch needs to begin practicing the Craft.

I read this book years ago and it has been incredibly beneficial. It’s a fantastic book that explains witchcraft and magic perfectly. I highly recommend thoroughly reading this book before you try to perform any spells.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • December 21, 2010

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