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PENNY DREADFUL Creator’s Cop-Out

When news first broke that PENNY DREADFUL had been cancelled, I naturally assumed that Showtime was to blame, as in every case where a popular show gets cancelled it is always a network decision. (This is the price you pay, folks, for not telling us ahead of time that season three would be the last.) I contacted Showtime and gave them holy hell, promising to vent no small amount of toxic spleen upon them for their decision. They replied with an appeasing, blame-shifting email and a link to a brief message by show creator John Logan, available below, in which Logan takes full responsibility for ending the series. He tells us that PENNY DREADFUL was always meant to be a three-season show. If that’s true, John, you’re a much poorer writer than I would’ve given you credit for. How else to explain the rushed ending with so many loose ends left dangling? Considering the overall excellence with which you have crafted your series, I don’t believe this is the case.

John, you’re being disingenuous. (That’s a polite way of saying you aren’t telling the truth.) In an earlier interview, you said that you didn’t reach the decision to end the show until the beginning of season three. Then you said later that it occurred to you about halfway through season TWO. Which is it, John? Why are you fibbing to us? Why are you being such a yes-man for the network? Why were you in such a hurry to put PENNY DREADFUL to bed? Ah, that’s right! (He says smugly.) That uber-polite email I received from Showtime? It ALSO informed me, in depth, about that NEW PROJECT you have in the works with the network! Hmm. Now isn’t THAT a case of convenient timing? I smell a rat, peeps. A big, fat, smelly rat. With fleas.

And John? I can GUARANTEE you I, for one, will NOT be watching your new show. Who’s with me?!

source: www.youtube.com

The Evil Cheezman • June 23, 2016

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