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Parallels of Murder

There are a lot of parallels between the fictitious Laura Palmer of TWIN PEAKS and the real-life murder victim who inspired her creation, Hazel Drew. Laura was 17 when murdered; Drew was 20. Both led seemingly idyllic, even boring lives, but after their respective murders details came to light suggesting there was a lot more going on. The authorities mined Palmer’s diary for clues in TWIN PEAKS; likewise Drew kept a trunkful of letters and postcards from acquaintances, potential beaus, and probable suspects. Laura was—SPOILER ALERT (though if you don’t know it by this point, you probably don’t get the Internet under that rock where you’re living and likely, then, won’t be reading this article)—murdered by her father, Leland, while he was possessed by a trans-dimensional demonic entity named BOB. Suspicion feel on Hazel Drew’s uncle, William Taylor, who owned a farm less than a mile from where Drew’s body was found in Teal’s Pond. (There is no evidence to suggest that Taylor was possessed at the time of the murder; also he was never officially charged in the crime.)

Other suspects in the murder of Hazel Drew were a local dentist and a millionaire from Albany named Henry Kramroth. Suspects in Laura Palmer’s murder included Dr. Jacoby, who was reportedly involved romantically with Laura, and millionaire Ben Horne. Like Horne and his den of iniquity, One-Eyed Jack’s, Kranmoth ran a resort-slash-brothel where young women were reportedly held against their will.

In addition to suspects in their respective murders, Drew’s hometown of Sand Lake, New York is itself something of a doppelganger for the town of Twin Peaks, Washington, all tress and surrounding mountains. I must take a road trip there someday.

The Evil Cheezman • August 22, 2019

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