Our Ten Most Awesome Werewolf Movies

There are ton of lists floating around out there of “best werewolf movies“, –well, this is ours. They aren’t arranged in any particular order, but you’ll probably pick up from my less than modest commentary which ones are the best of the best. If you haven’t seen them all, then get your Netflix account ready, and start queueing!

  1. girl and wolfThe Company of Wolves – This is the all time best werewolf movie ever; you get a lot of old European werewolf lore, here, plus some gruesome transformations, and the added bonus of some psychological sexual theme. Definitely a must-see for any fan of werewolves or Little Red Riding Hood revamp stories.
  2. Ginger Snaps – Also a huge favorite, Ginger Snaps is another girly werewolf movie –but that doesn’t mean the effects are spare. The werewolves in this film are as mean as they are gruesome. If you can’t handle gore, back away slowly.
  3. Wolf – Definitely not full of gore, but overflowing with great acting. Jack Nicholson is the best werewolf character you’ll see for a long time; his unique facial features make the transformation easy to miss if you so much as blink. James Spader makes an unlikely werewolf, but not an unlikely deviant. The two oddball actors slug it out in an epic finale not to be missed.
  4. americawerewolf in parisAmerican Werewolf in Paris – This one comes before its original because it’s just plain old more entertaining, –there’s more humor, better effects, and did I mention that it’s hilarious?
  5. American Werewolf in London – A classic, to be found on all the top ten werewolf film lists, –I don’t know why, but I’m sure there’s a cult following out there ready to beat me with a cane if I say anything bad about it. That’s why it’s here, –so followers of An American Werewolf in London won’t hunt me down with torches and pitchforks.
  6. The Wolf Man – Lon Chaney Jr. is the Wolf Man, Larry Talbot, –and that’s why we can’t ever leave him off the top ten lists. This film started it all, and will forever have left its claw marks in the Werewolf Movie Hall of Fame.
  7. Underworld Trilogy – It’s not all about the vampires, people. Werewolves obviously kick some major ass in these films, so if you’re a vampire fan who thinks werewolves don’t stand a chance, then you seriously need to watch this trilogy of films. Werewolves are obviously awesome.
  8. cursed_ver2Cursed – This film marked the end of the long running Scream franchise, –thank god Wes Craven finally ducked out of slasher films. Cursed is awesome, with great effects and much hilarity, plus, plenty of scary scenes that make you jump out of your chair, and run for the Puppy Chow.
  9. Silver Bullet – It comes in this far down in the list for a reason, —Stephen King is unparalleled in his ability to cause fear. However, when it comes to the people making films out of his novels, well, they leave a lot to be desired. Namely, talent, cinematography, sets that don’t look made from cardboard, and so on. Still, Silver Bullet is regarded as a classic, and we love it all the same.
  10. Dog Soldiers – One of the movies I wish now I’d put at the top of list; there’s an ungodly amount of gore, a bit of werewolf mythos from the UK, but the only thing is, the monsters look like modern dance students with husky dog masks on.


  1. Hells yeah dog soliders is the best werewolf movie i’ve seen!! I love the part where the chick (can’t remember her name) turns into a werewolf and says “its that time of the month” :D talk about your woman powerrrrrr lol!!!!! great movie

  2. You left out Brotherhood of the Wolf. Granted, it’s about a “beast”, but it’s still a really good film, and it’s based on real events. It’s about 17th (18th?) century France. The province of Gevaudan was plagued by purported beasts who were attacking people. The movie was pretty cool, and the ‘beast’ was really interesting. It’s subtitled, and in french.

  3. I’ve always cared more about the quality of costumes of werewolf movies. The Beast of Bray Road without a doubt takes the top in my book because the costume used in it left me nightmare ridden for years. Second to that would be the one from Bad Moon, then American Werewolf in London.

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