Our Favorite Werewolf Artist!

Kerem Beyit! You have seen the man’s incredible werewolf artwork all over the net, even here on this site. Not too long ago I was asked by a reader if I knew who created these kickass werewolf pictures and so I thought why not share the love with all of our readers.

Here’s the bio of Kerem Beyit taken from his wonderful website (you should totally click that link).

“I was born in Ankara, Turkey, (1980) started drawing in my early childhood with the effect of comic books. In Gazi University, department of graphics I studied graphic design for four years. I don’t have any formal training for illustration I trained myself and my teachers were the great fantasy artists like Frazetta and Brom. I worked for various places doing graphic and illustration studies, book covers, local comics also magazines and books for children.

I’ve been in the digital area for four years. I did lots of book covers. I am honoured by being awarded on CGSociety, CgChannel, Gfxartist, Cggallery , 3DTotal and CGArena. My works have been published in several magazines. My works have also been selected for inclusionin the Ballistic Publishing albums Expose and Exotique. I am currently working as a freelance artist.”

I am a huge art junkie and I have to say that Beyit’s artwork is for sure in my top ten list. From the mesmerizing colors and fierceness in his werewolves to the breathtaking intricacy of his dragons – it’s all unbelievably well done.

As I said, I love love love art, especially fantasy artwork, so if you guys know of any other great werewolf artists out there please pass it on. And if you’re an artist yourself and have some werewolf art to share then don’t be shy, let us take a look we’d love to see it.

– Moonlight

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