Oscar Winning Team to Make Werewolf Film!

Toby Barlow’s badass werewolf novel Sharp Teeth is on its way to becoming a movie! Judging by who’s behind this upcoming film, it’s going to be a big deal. The screenplay is being written by Simon Beaufoy (writer of Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire) and he’s hoping that his partner in crime, Danny Boyle, will jump onboard the project as director. In an interview Beaufoy said, “If I write it well enough, he’ll direct it.” Here’s hoping he is correct, because having Boyle part of a werewolf film will make it huge, the director has won over 54 awards for his work, including a big bad Oscar.

In the interview Beaufoy explains the upcoming film, “It’s an adaptation of a book by a writer called Toby Barlow and it’s a very extraordinary mix of gangland Los Angeles, really, really rough — a lot of shootings — and the difference with this particular piece of work is that these gangs can shape-shift at will into packs of dogs.”

He has been researching his screenplay by riding along with the Los Angeles police. “It’s brilliant seeing a different part of L.A. When you’re involved with the movie industry and you go to awards ceremonies you miss out on what 90 per cent of what L.A. is, which is hard-working people, lots of unemployment, lots of really difficult social issues.”

Props to Simon Beaufoy for doing everything he can to make this upcoming werewolf flick as accurate as possible!

Details on the novel Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow:

“Barlow’s debut novel innovatively mixes horror, noir, and epic poetry, creating a uniquely thrilling read. Ruled by competing packs of werewolves, the seedy underside of LA is far stranger than anyone ever imagined. Lycanthropes hire themselves out as hit men and pushers, both driving and feeding off the criminal world. At the center of the story is Anthony Silvo, a self-professed loner and dogcatcher who falls in love with a mysterious woman; she leads a second life as a werewolf and works for Lark, the leader of the most dangerous werewolf pack on the streets. Her growing relationship with Anthony causes her to regret the wild choices of her past and seek out a new life. Meanwhile, Lark suspects that competing packs of lycanthropes are after his power and he prepares for a massive, citywide conflict. Other subplots include a detective’s investigations into werewolf-related murders and a comic bridge tournament that might have ties to the LA drug trade. Some readers might be initially intimidated by Barlow’s free-verse poetry, but, after a page, they will be swept into the rhythm. It’s also to Barlow’s credit that the touching moments between the woman and Anthony work as powerfully as the most graphic violence in the story.”

What do you guys think? Are you excited to hear that this book is coming to theaters?

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  1. -fangirl squeal-

    ahh! I love his book! I am currently in the middle of reading it the first time and it is absolutely kick-ass! :D and by the looks of it, this is going to be one epic film. Can’t wait!!

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