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Oogly Christmas Sweaters

I live in Alabama, and I’ve always been hot-natured. As in, what is typically just right, temperature-wise, for most people is between five and ten degrees too warm for me. It seldom gets cold enough in my neck of the woods for me to wear a sweater. Even when the weather outside is cold enough, as soon as I step indoors someplace I start roasting, because people crank their heat up in direct proportion. I have a few nice sweaters but don’t often wear them. For that and other reasons, it wouldn’t be cost-effective for me to invest too much money in an ugly Christmas sweater. I dig ’em, though. The uglier the better. And these Horror-themed Christmas sweaters are totally the cat’s meow (whatever that means).

My favorite is the Krampus sweater. It’s a Christmas sweater, after all, so it should have a holiday connection. I’d be proud to own any of them, though. The Alien sweater is dope, and naturally the iconic slashers are well represented. (SLEEPAWAY CAMP?! Hell, yeah!) Being a KISS fan, I love the “Black Metal Snowman” in Gene Simmons “Demon” makeup. The Elvira sweater is actually near the bottom of my list, surprisingly. Next to Krampus, I’d have to say the Jason hockey mask one is my favorite. Ooooh, wait–follow the link at the bottom of the page! There are MORE sweaters–including ANOTHER Krampus!

The Evil Cheezman • December 1, 2017

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