One of Our Fave Werewolves Gets Down, Dirty and Naked!

Hmm what werewolf could it be? Well, as the picture off to the left clearly reveals, it’s Alcide from True Blood. Not exactly a shock, because come on, what other show would have naked werewolves?  Anyway, HBO is starting up all of the True Blood hype again in preparation for the fourth season, which doesn’t even return until June 26. To make the long wait a little less painful, HBO has been coming out with video promos, mini-spoilers and of course, they’re having the cast tease us! True Blood castmembers are notoriously tight-lipped about what we can expect to see on the show, but there were two things that cast were willing to share – 1. There will be witches and 2. Lots of nudity.

MTV recently chatted with Joe Manganiello (who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux) and Kristin Bauer (vampire Pam De Beaufort) and asked how their characters are dealing with the witchy additions.

“Witches cause a lot of trouble,” Manganiello said.

“Witches, they’re mischievous,” Bauer added. “Pesky.”

“I don’t think vampires or werewolves are too fond of witches,” Manganiello continued.

“No,” Bauer agreed. “There’s some shenanigans.”

Obviously, these two weren’t willing to share much more, so MTV moved on to an easier question – how often are people naked in this season? Who keeps his/her clothes on?

Bauer perked up at that question, while Manganiello laughed nervously. “Joe? Joe?” Bauer teased.

“A lot naked,” Manganiello admitted, suggesting fans will be seeing a lot more of the sexy werewolf this season. “I’ll say a lot. A lot. A lot.”

Well, there you go guys and gals. We don’t really know what’s going on in the upcoming fourth season of True Blood, but hell, at least we know that there will be loads of werewolfy nudity, and really, that’s all that matters. Plus, it’s not like they can make the fourth season any worse that the third.

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  1. This guy is so beefed up, and he still gets his ass-kicked by everyone! Not only that, but this guy bitched and moaned for the entire 3rd season! The fourth season will give you your “werewolf nudity”, but don’t expect to see werewolves kick-ass in season 4.
    The witches will really kick these werewolves asses in the fourth season, it’s in the fourth book. TB Weres can’t win against another supernatural creature unless there’s another, stronger, supernatual on their team(like vampires).

  2. Thats fine. Just don’t look forward to the Weres(Wolf-shifters), they will underwhelmingly disappoint.[spoiler] The vampires have to team up with the Weres to overwhelm the witches. The Weres(in the 4th book)are too, patheticly, weak to take on the witches.[/spoiler]

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