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Once You’ve Started Wearing Those Shoes…

Ah, all the glorious goodness that came out of the recent San Diego Comic-Con! In addition to the sum totality of all geek culture being present and the unleashing en masse of all news, trailers, announcements, et al relating to everything and anything geek, there was the merchandise. Ah, sweet merchandise—which nobody who wasn’t there in San Diego had any chance of getting, except to hope some of it shows up later on eBay at ridiculously exaggerated prices. But I digress.

Super7 was there with some amazing ReAction figure convention variants. (Are they on eBay yet?) And check out the shoes! Where I’m from, they’re called tenny-shoes. (And not one person who owns a pair has ever played tennis.) Other places they’re called sneakers. Whatever you call them, I call them beautiful. I actually think I like the Metaluna Mutant ones best, all due love and respect to Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man. I love the bloody red “veins” against that greenish Metaluna background. The Dracula shoes have the Dracula pendant, and the Franken-shoe has stitches. I suppose the brown on the Wolfman shoes is supposed to be fur, but it kinda jut looks…brown.

Which shoes are your favorites?

The Evil Cheezman • August 16, 2018

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