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On Idiocy and TERROR

Our regular readers will, I trust, indulge me for a moment. I consider Political Correctness so intolerable, so vile and noxious, that I will attack it everywhere I see it. Here is an example, if you want to read it. Personally, I hate to even reference it, but I must in order to counter it. It is a perfect example of what happens when someone who has not read the source material (in this case the novel on which the television series THE TERROR is based), who is not familiar with history, and who is trying to apply postmodern sensibilities to a bygone age is given a forum. Self-righteous ignorance. That’s what you get.

Fact check, friends: People in the Victorian Age were largely homophobic. I know, scandalous, right? How DARE they depict such a thing? Who CARES if it’s ACCURATE; it’s, it’s INSULTING!

Here’s another one: It was, and possibly still is, depending on the culture involved, considered the worst kind of bad luck to have a woman onboard a ship, on such a mission as the EREBUS and the TERROR undertook. It is not only historically plausible that men would be freaked out by having a woman onboard, it would strain credibility to the point of bursting for them NOT to be bothered by it.

This person is bothered by the fact that the folks on the TERROR weren’t satisfactorily “woke” (I hate PC terminology almost as much as I hate the PC movement itself, but I’m using it here in mocking), that they depict men as displaying homophobic and misogynistic tendencies. They weren’t all inclusive, accepting of all humanity, sitting around singing “Kumbaya” and holding hands. It hurts her head and heart that THIS IS HOW THINGS ACTUALLY WERE. Sticking one’s fingers in one’s ears and closing one’s eyes won’t change the past, no matter how badly people like this want it to. And we are doing a disservice to the people who lived through those times to try to depict them in rose-colored hues, to try to rewrite the past instead of showing it as it really was.

In all fairness, the linked article never comes right out and says the show shouldn’t depict such events accurately, but it seems implicit. And if that isn’t the point of the article, what is?

The Evil Cheezman • May 17, 2018

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