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Oldest Human Remains Discovered

Not the oldest in the whole world, but the oldest ever discovered outside of Africa. How old? 210,000 years’ worth of old. And where were these ancient bones located (since I’ve already told you they weren’t found in Africa)? In a cave in southern Greece. And they weren’t “just” discovered, either. They were unearthed in 1978. But the remains, portions of a skull, were first thought to belong to a Neanderthal, since they were found virtually side-by-side with a Neanderthal skull in that same cave. Nope! That skull belonged to a HOMO SAPIENS. Nor are the two skulls discovered together from the same time period. The Neanderthal skull is younger, dating to a mere 170,000 years ago. The regular human got there first. How’d that happen?

The non-Neanderthal remains found in that cave are older by 30,000 years than the previous record holder, a jawbone unearthed in a cave in Israel. It was previously believed that Neanderthals evolved, or continued to evolve in Europe, apart from their relatives and Africa, and that when HOMO SAPIENS finally got around to leaving Africa they ran into Neanderthals already occupying Europe. This new find disproves that theory. It looks like “we” got there first? But did we get there first only to eventually get replaced by a population of Neanderthals, who were then in turn replaced by another wave of HOMO SAPIENS? Or did Neanderthals and HOMO SAPIENS coexist? Did they *share* that cave?

The Evil Cheezman • July 23, 2019

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