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No, STRANGER THINGS is not going anywhere

Have you been seeing those clickbaity headlines pondering “Is the show ending?” or some such? And then if you click on the article, it says no such thing, offering only speculation without any evidence to support it? Yeah, I hate those, too. I try to never resort to clickbaity titles for any of my posts, although I have been accused of it a time or two. I admit to trying to concoct pithy, intriguing titles that will snag readers’ attention, sure. But outright falsehoods, or even peddling innuendo as fact? I’m sure I’ve fallen into that trap, but I do make a concerted effort to avoid doing it.

That thing about the upcoming third season of STRANGER THINGS being its last season apparently came about after Millie Bobby Brown posted on Instagram to commemorate the wrapping of that aforementioned third season, and she got all emotional about “saying goodbye.” I think we all need to take what she wrote at face value. She was sad about saying goodbye to her friends. This doesn’t mean it’s goodbye FOREVER. She just won’t be seeing them every day for a while. Having worked in the Theatre for years, I can tell you from firsthand experience, you tend to form really strong emotional attachments to people you work with frequently. Something about having to draw upon your emotions at will; they’re always close to the surface, always primed and running at full speed. And after the completion of a project—like, say, a season—when it’s time to move on, if even for a limited amount of time, it makes you genuinely sad.

Netflix and the Duffer brothers aren’t about to pull a John Logan/PENNY DREADFUL-type screwjob on their fans. Worry not.

The Evil Cheezman • November 29, 2018

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