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trashyromancenovelSo I was looking through upcoming werewolf books and recently released werewolf books and do know what I found? I found that almost all of them were romance novels! Each had a half naked man dramatically clutching a big busted woman on the cover. Going through each page of my “werewolf” search results I thought, “Surely not ALL of the new fiction werewolf books are trashy romances.” But alas, they were all girly love books. Even going through older were-books I noticed that damn near all of them were romance novels.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some romance novels, from the filthy ones to the romantic ones and so forth. If you check out my bookshelves you’ll see that I have more than my share of mild romances and hardcore erotica. But, you see, it’s not all I read, I also have a large collection of books that have no love story in them at all. And that is what I was looking for in my search for a new werewolf book to read. I want a story that has nothing to do with star-crossed lovers or a mild well-mannered woman in need of a wild man to set her free or a story about a werewolf in need of a lover that can accept him for who he is and is able to handle his wild lusty ways. I want a full out kick ass werewolf book that has an interesting plot involving fearsome werewolves, a book that can hold my attention for more than two minutes since I tend to have the attention span of a six year old on caffeine pills.

Before you slam me with angry comments I am well aware of the fact that not all romance novels are bad. I have read many that had intricate and fascinating plots, which were wholly creative and amazing. Like I said, I love romance novels. But it’s still frustrating that most of the books out there are love stories. I mean seriously, do publishers think that there’s no market for anything else? What about male readers that aren’t interested in “chick” books? Or even girls not interested in them? It appears that if you want to read a werewolf book, or even vampire book, you have to settle for yet another romance novel. Shame.

So…  can anyone recommend a werewolf book that isn’t a trashy romance novel?

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  1. I’s a shame that here on Brazil there’s not many Werewolves books out there ._. But you could try the comics of The Astouding Wolf-Man. The history on the beggining is a little Clich, but turns out to be a spetacular Werewolf history.

    Stephen King helps to.

    OH! And there’s a Roleplaying Game called Werewolf: The Apocalypse, that have a range of books with histories that don’t need to have read the original book. One of the most cool is the storys on “Werewolf: — Tribe Book”, but you maybe can’t enjoy him completely because he have some infos for the game. But there’s the Story Only Books on the series that is enjoyable

    PS:Sorry for the Bad English, if you can’t understand something, please give it a call here =P

      1. Oh yeah! Still on Werewolf The Apocalypse, the books i saied that are Story Only is the Tribe Novels! Have a look on then when you can

  2. Frostbite by David Wellington is a new one without romance.

    Wolf’s Gambit by W.D. Gagliani is another good one

    The Hyde Effect by Steve Vance is really scary but a bit slow in the beginning.

    Bestial: Werewolf Apocalypse by William D. Carl is great.

    Also, try checking products tagged as “werewolf horror” on

  3. I know what you mean with the whole romance novles going over board. I’m currently in the process of writing a book on wereolves. The main plot is still in process, but I think that I have the main idea of what it will turn out to be. It has alittle of the romantic appeal, but I’m foucusing more upon other areas of intrests. I hope this book turns out to one of those rare non-romance novles. :]

  4. You might try Bitten and then Stolen by Kelley Armstrong. While they do still have some romance in them, the werewolves are more kick ass and there is a female werewolf which is awesome.

  5. Do you know what I want? I want to actually learn about the werewolve lore…Where it originated why if its true. Though I highly doubt it is….I want to learn everything

  6. Uumm.. I don’t know any werewolf ones, but I do know a novel called By “Mignight” by Mia James. The main focus is definitely not the main couples romance, but more of a conspiracy of vampires and their influencial status’, and how it affects the heroine’s life.
    No, it ain’t the best book out there, but if you’re bored and got time on your hands, it’s a good read! Lots of research put into it!

  7. I definital agree with you. I think you might like the Beka Cooper triology by Tamora Pierce. It may not be werewolves but there isn’t a romance stroy just one incredibly kick-ass herione and an incredibly annoying unwanted suitor. It might intrest you. I dont reall know. They were still a good read even though I’m waiting for the third to come out. If you got time you should give the series a shot.

  8. I couldn’t agree more w/your statements, it’s so hard nowadays to find or read a novel on werewolf romance that pulls you into the story and almost makes you a main character. I’m actually writing my own series involving the acceptance of a werewolf’s lust and savagery at any risk. Love to hear more of your opions on this subject or others like it. -Peace

  9. I went on several fiction sites (not fanfiction, but original stories) and looked up ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, and they were ALL romance. A few had “horror” tagged, but romance was tagged as well, and it was all about a shy girl who found some mysterious guy and fell in love with a “monster” who was just a sissy pretty boy who can grow hair or bite necks. I found an anime, though, called Hellsing, and the manga is the BEST I have ever read, not even joking. It can be read for free online pretty much everywhere.
    Hellsing is about Integra Hellsing, Van Helsing’s descendant, and she uses her two vampires, Alucard and Seras, and her super-powered-idk-what-to-call-it butler, Walter, to kill monsters. The OVA is only nine episodes, I think, and the manga isn’t that long either, easy to read, but the art is great and the story is great and there is not a single bit of romance. At all.

  10. Read Robert R. McCammon’s ‘The Wolf’s Hour’. Probably one of the only good werewolf books I’ve read…and I love werewolves. I would also try to find a copy of Gary Brandner’s ‘The Howling’. It’s a quick read and very effective. It’s hard to find good books about bloodthirsty beasts in this age of ‘Twilight’ and all of it’s crappy look-a-likes. Good hunting to you.

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