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New WEREWOLF: THE APOCALYPSE Video Game In Development

I don’t do gaming. I’ve mentioned that before. But when a new werewolf-themed game hits the shelves, or is announced to be hitting the shelves at some point in the foreseeable future, I feel the need to report on it. Think of it as a public service announcement.

WEREWOLF: THE APOCALYPSE—EARTHBLOOD is a going to be the video game version of the classic roleplaying game from White Wolf Studios. It will be produced by Cyanide Studios, along with Bigben Interactive, and will be available in 2020. Following the premise of the roleplaying game, there werewolves in this world are not evil, slavering, and mindless, but are tasked with protecting the environment, aka “Mother Earth.” The player character in the upcoming video game will be waging war against the greedy corporation Pentex that is so polluting the natural world. Dope.

I don’t game, but the idea of playing as a werewolf, all teeth and claws and ridiculously hard to kill—well, it ought to be—does sound like a good time to be had. I’d give it a go. Maybe one of my friends who has all the latest hardware will buy the game and I can come over and stake a claim on his sofa every once in a while.

The Evil Cheezman • December 4, 2018

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