New Werewolf on Latest Episode of Being Human

We don’t actually do a lot of Being Human reviews, and we certainly don’t review every show, but once in a while, there’s a really werewolf concentric episode of one of our favorite shows, and we can’t help but give props. That would be the cause for the sudden focus on SyFy’s Being Human, –this last episode was pretty damn good, because not only did it have some really great (if short-lived) werewolf action, but it also focused on the habits of werewolves. For those of you who didn’t see it, the Dutch have come to Boston, and Bishop has to entertain them, and for that, he needs Aidan’s help. Of course, Bishop being the hardcore badass crabbypants that he is, he would never tell Aidan this. So instead, in an underhanded sorta way, he has his thugs kidnap Josh on the day of a full moon, and they lock him in a cage beneath the funeral parlor.

There’s a lot of running around, pellmell, trying to find ways to rescue Josh, but in the meantime, he’s sitting down there in his cage, talking to Douglas, the old man he meets, reviewing notes in the basement, outside Josh’s cell. Douglas explains that Josh has been kidnapped to take part in a dog-fight, which the vampires bet on, and gamble with. Douglas reveals then that they’ve kept him down there for 15 years; apparently, he’s fought and won his freedom many times. Douglas though, has also been keeping notes on the werewolves, as he was allowed to study the bodies of his former competitors. Josh, a former medical student, is interested, and the two compare their notes on their conditions. Aidan and Sally are freaking out, during all this, and in a last ditch effort to save his friend, Aidan tells Bishop he’ll go back to him, in exchange for Josh’s release.

But unfortunately, they don’t deliver: after Josh has transformed inside the ring, the Douglas werewolf enters. And he might be old, but holy shit, he’s massive, grey, and looks capable of serious damage. The fight starts, and there’s some good were-on-were violence, but it doesn’t last long. Just when it looks like Josh is about to be inhumanely euthanized, they scene fades, and we see Josh reviewing Douglas’s medical-esque journal on the werewolf condition. Apparently, Josh won, but he’s pretty upset when he finds out that the terms for Josh’s release from the basement, the terms that secured his fate wasn’t that of Douglas’s… was that Aidan had to return to Bishop’s lair, and entertain the Dutch (the big time old guy vamps), who Bishop believes, plan to kill him.


  1. More proof vampires suck. I mean they did not keep Josh from fighting and possibly being killed and instead of rescuing Josh even after the fight, he runs off to join the kidnappers. I mean all it does is reinforce that all they have to do is mess with Josh and Aiden will capitulate because he is too wimpy to fight back for his friend. You know this type of scenario is going to happen again. And despite failing their original deal he keeps his end and joins them. And I cant say they shot that fight very well or it was over censored as it cut away far too soon. Yet at the same time you get the fight result almost instantly making the “suspense” of not showing the fight’s outcome pointless. Also, I thought Josh was “wolfoer” nearer to the full moon whemn he beat up some vampires in an earlier episode. But in this one he stayed tamely normal until he transformed. Other than those though it was an interesting episode.

  2. I have to admit, I was a little “WTF?” when Josh appeared in his room reading the journal.
    Maybe I’m twisted, but I would like to see the whole fight, not just a glimpse of it.

  3. Alright… so does CGI and budget effect this? I don’t know… I’d have liked to have seen more of the werewolves on the screen too.

    Sanctuary had an episode that was werewolf centric and you got to see far more of the werewolves and an all out fight that for t.v. was fairly well choreographed.

    As to Aidan… if they’re following a bit of the UK Being Human… then yeah, they might be getting ready to off Bishop. Still that system of government doesn’t seem the best if I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing with the scripting.

  4. I def think the werewolves on Being Human US are the best so far! I am not into the half bread werewolf look; like so many are! I thought on Twilight it was sick when they were big-ass wolfs and similar in the True Blood/Sookie Novels that they are just regular sizes wolfs, but the werewolves in Being Human US are the best! I think we will see some really wicked fights in the next season on True Blood! Where is a good werewolf fight scene!? Underworld? Wolf-man? (sucked!) I got my sights set on the new season of TB! Boom!

    1. Lol, ridiculous. These werewolves sucked, and so did the Twilight werewolves. Wolfman is far superior in every respect.

      Also its wolves, not “wolfs”.

      1. I’ve seen every episode of both BBC and SyFy Being Human, and this is the last straw for the SyFy one. The entire episode was emo angst from start to finish. None of the humor of the BBC series, and the allegedly better special effects are awful, especially where the vampires fight in fast-forward. I think ten episodes is enough for me to give up and move on.

  5. Ha ha! Classic! I know its wolves! Awesome! Thanks for the spell check thou! Sorry Anubis but i stick to my story, that both them Werewolves are better than Wolf Man! I just dont like the half breed! Like Michael from Underworld! Ha ha! But, the original Wolf Man movie is one of the better stories! Thanks to NetFlix i was able to check it! I think the Being Human Us WW look like Hyenas a little and i think thats kind of cool.

  6. i love the show being human and it is becuase i can get along with the people like werewolfs i am one. and ghost i have seen one. and vampires i had a bff one time that was one but when i found out i was not her bff anymore.

  7. [quote] I think we will see some really wicked fights in the next season on True Blood![/quote]

    Your kidding, right! I read the boooks, and i can tell you that these so-called werewolves get their ass-kicked by EVERYBODY! And, believe me, their aren’t going to be any “wicked fights” in season 4. Season 3 should be proof of that for you.

  8. Can’t help it but these werewolves look like a cross between a Mexican hairless dog and the bear-form of the Worgen druids in World of Warcraft.
    They are scary and silly at the same time. :D

  9. I like the pictuure of the two werewolves, i thinnk it it looks pretty but when they rawr and stuff its just freaky and ugly lookinn so yeahh lmaoo(: but i like werewolves and the people who dont they can just take dirt nap, jokinn Lmao
    ~Crank That Yank(:

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