New Werewolf Movie “Wolves” Opens in Canada this Weekend

“[A] story about a teenager who discovers that his nightmares are part of something unpredictable and wild… and he needs to discover the truth … before it forces him down an even darker road…”

Apparently we’re just not having a good year for horror movies in the United States, but that’s okay, because a lot of foreign horror is happening all over the planet right now, and while Iran has its first female vampire, –Canada returns to serve us with the creatures they do best: werewolves.

This werewolf film, titled simply “Wolves” sounds promising, –it was written and directed by David Hayter, who wrote the screenplays for X-Men, X-Men 2, and Watchmen (!). That makes him more than capable in my mind, and I for one, have high hopes. Any friends in Canada planning to check this out?

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