New Werewolf Movie! Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Now, this is funny, because almost all the actors in the movie have ties to other werewolf projects, in film and television. Like, take Brandon Routh , –who will be playing Dylan Dog himself, –his old lady, Courtney Ford, will be featured in the next season of True Blood. And maybe you’ll recognize the name ‘Sam Huntington’ in the list of cast member’s in Dylan Dog’s imdb page. That’d be because Sam Huntington is the werewolf in the remake of Being Human currently on the SiFy channel. In fact, the entire cast is star-studded, with Kurt Angle making an appearance as ‘Wolfgang’. If the name of the film rings a bell, that’s because the film is based on an Italian horror comic of the same name. Dylan Dog is a ‘Nightmare Investigator’ in the comics, –in the film he’s more a Constantine meets Van Helsing type.

Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt, for the most part, and he pretty much polices the undead population as fairly as possible. The werewolf in the movie is played by pro-wrestler Kurt Angle, as mentioned on

The trailer for Kurt Angle’s latest movie “Dylan Dog” is now available [here]. The movie will be released on Apr. 29.

Powell’s POV: Angle addressed the trailer on his Twitter page today by writing, “Every time you see a werewolf, that’s my bad ass.” He is listed as “Wolfgang” on the IMDB website. The movie has an estimated budget of $20 million, so this is a much bigger budget than Kurt’s straight to DVD releases.

Yeah, fair enough guys; movies with pro-wrestlers in them aren’t exactly some of the best films out there *cough*See No Evil*cough*. Sorry Kane, you just come off as gross and icky in that movie, but no doubt, you’re hot irl. Anyway, the werewolf Kurt Angle doesn’t look like he does a lot in this movie besides get his ass kicked. But hey, I could be wrong, –there’s more demons and gross huge slimy things… oh and zombies, in the trailer, than there are werewolves. But werewolves are discussed! Check out the trailer, tell me what you think… are the werewolves downplayed? Or am I jumping the gun? Either way, with a $20 million budget, the movie’s going to be killer.


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  2. He, detective, punchs the werewolf on the face and knockouts him? I think we are getting use to it more day by day.

    1. I’m sensing some werewolf disrespect too, and I really hope the movie is better than the trailer makes it out to be. Get some toilet paper because that trailer is butt.

  3. Hey guys, that is not the real/proper trailer. This is the real one:!/video/video.php?v=1931288365602&oid=110077592945&comments

    ^^This is also the link to the movie’s Official Facebook Page. There is a gallery and much more. Check it out for Update and please like it. :)

    Here is another link to the trailer:

    Hope you support and enjoy the movie!

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