New Werewolf Movie Alert: Big Bad Coming Spring 2011

I just got the skinny on this new werewolf movie called “Big Bad”, –I doubt it’s a ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ type story, like the one coming out with Amanda Seyfried, but it’s supposed to be more of a teen slasher thing. Except the slasher is a werewolf, and this is an indie movie, not a big budget film with A-listers and (gag) actors who also have their own bands. At least, I hope not? Anyway, the synopsis they have on their Facebook tells the timeless story of… teenagers that get dead:

“When the studious Crystal, popular Chase, and charmingly-hapless Donny agree to participate in a lock-in at the old jailhouse as school fundraiser, their night takes an unexpected turn. Their chaperone, a socially awkward science teacher named Mr. Howell, disappears – and suddenly, the teens find themselves stalked by a ravenous beast. Alternating between the lighthearted fun of classic ‘80s films such as Monster Squad and The Goonies, a thrilling sense of predator-and-prey danger reminiscent of Jaws, and plenty of modern snarky humor, Big Bad is full of scares, sarcasm, and yes, a monster.”

The film sounds like a lot of fun, and there’s a ton of information already about production, and filming, plus photos showing off the monster-making process. The werewolf from the movie looks absolutely obscene, I think, which is to say, he looks pretty damn good, but doesn’t lose the campy qualities that most films about real monsters had, long before the invention of CGI. Nope, our monster is all man, and fake fur. Woot. The main cast for the film includes Cameron Deane Stewart, Ainsley Bailey, Madeline Thelton, –all new actors with very little work under the belts, and Thelton is pretty much as green as they come. Supporting cast has Hannah Bryan (who has photo doubled for Megan Fox, and has a few films listed in post-production on iMDB), Clint Carmichael (a veteran of B-horror and TV acting), and Danny Dauphin. Also in the line-up are Brad Bishop, Rachel Reed, Scotty Whitehurst, Peter Zimmerman. All told, it’s a big indie B-movie about a werewolf who eats kids. And it looks fabulous! We’ll keep you updated, and we may try to score an interview later on down the road, so keep your fingers crossed guys!


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