New Werewolf Game for Mac and iPhone

As if Mac users could actually play games! Okay, low blow, sorry, –but it’s just that I firmly believe Steve Jobs is the Antichrist. Now there’s a werewolf game out there for Mac people too, which makes the list of games Macs can handle like… what, 10 now? Okay, okay, I’m done making fun. The game looks really cute, and since Macs are great options for young users, with the higher security, it’s perfect for kids, and even better for alt-subculture parents who want to break horror culture into their kids’ lives a little more softly. And, gaming nerds will love the game too, since it’s designed to look and play a lot like early Zelda. The name of the game is ‘MacGuffin’s Curse’ and can be played on Mac, and iOS, –for the what, four people left on the planet (including me) that don’t have an iPhone, –iOS is the iPhone Operating System.

Which means, even if you don’t have a Mac, you can still play the game on your iPhone, even though, personally, I’d rather devote a larger screen to this adorable game. PCWorld has the details:

While pop culture’s obsession with vampires seems to be finally pumping the brakes, mystical creatures continue to be a prevalent gaming trend. Brawsome, the Australian indie game developers behind Jolly Rover, was at the Game Developers Conference to promote its latest werewolf-inclusive titleMacGuffin’s Curse. Due in October, the puzzle adventure game for iOS and Mac seems to be on track to supply gamers with both a captivating story as well as challenging gaming.

Inspired by the iconic adventure game, The Legend of Zelda, you play as magician-turned-robber Lucas MacGuffin as he attempts to steal a valuable ancient amulet. MacGuffin quickly discovers that the charm has the ability to turn him into a werewolf. You can switch between human and beast throughout the game; each one has different strengths and abilities needed for different parts of the game. You must try to escape a museum by solving a series of puzzles using the Lucas and the wolf.

MacGuffin’s Curse features comics hidden throughout the game, as well as post-game challenges. Brawsome hopes the additional achievements will keep fans coming back for more after they’ve completed the story. The game also provides ten locations to explore, hand-drawn art, and a large cast of characters.

It sounds like it’s a lot more fun than the standard iPhone App Game, –which I would know admittedly, zilch about. So were it me, I’d get the game for my Mac, if I had one, and play it to death! There need to be more werewolf games in general, and personally, I’m hoping that there will come a day when those game designers finally get off their asses and make some game for PS3 or 360 where we can play as werewolves and go rampaging through towns. Or even hunt and kill them… that would be cool too. Hell, I’d settle for an Underworld game franchise. And normally, I’d bitch about vampires getting all the attention, but seriously, the best game vampires have going for them is Bloodrayne, –and that was forever ago.


  1. Looks like fun, it’s unfortunate that it’s only available for Apple crap. I’ll never be an Apple drone so sadly, I can’t play it.

  2. Um, there’s an assload of games now for the Mac, thanks to the Steam store, and the new Mac app store.

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