New Werewolf Film ‘Bristled: The Howl Chronicles’ in the Works

Another werewolf movie is on the way! It was revealed not too long ago from the 2012 American Film Market that Fleur De Lis Film Studios has announced Bristled: The Howl Chronicles, a werewolf flick written by Clint Morris and directed by Asif Akbar. Check out the film details below!

Film Description:

“John Howl is a young Los Angeles police detective out to find the killer of a young film star. As the charming but angst-ridden officer dives deeper into the case, he realizes Hollywood is a totally different world than the one he lives in- not that it’s any more weird; after all, he’s a werewolf by night! Though his work hours are hindered by the beast inside, Howl’s journey through the mean streets of Hollywood is a blood quest for justice and towards his need to feed.”

The project, which is still in pre-production, will star Eric Stoltz, Brooke Lewis, Christopher Showerman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Matthew Lawrence, Kane Hodder, Issa Bayaua, Jonathan Silverman, and Masha Shapiro.

From the looks of the mockup poster, as well at the studio’s website, I am guessing this is going to be yet another low-budget werewolf flick. But hey, it’s better than no werewolf movies at all. While I would rather have a big and gorgeous blockbuster werewolf film, a low-budget one will do (for now).

What do you guys think of announced Bristled: The Howl Chronicles so far? Looking forward to another new werewolf film?

– Moonlight

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  1. The plot sounds a bit like a book I read. Also did you hear that the long suffering werewolf movie Freeborn is no more? Instead they are going to try and make it a series.

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