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New Universal Monsters Masks

What I need is a warehouse and Bill Gates money. (I know. Don’t we all, right?) I would love to become a mask collector, but even more of a hindrance to the prospect than the costs involved is the lack of space to keep them should I buy them. I could settle for just a few, a handful, and be happy, though, if that handful consisted of the new Universal Monsters masks from Trick or Treat Studios, set to hit shelves this year. Man, those things are gorgeous. Check ‘em out here. Look at the detail. There are two versions of Frankenstein, the original Boris Karloff version and the Glenn Strange version which, in my honest estimation, is even more impressive. And check out that Gillman! And if you love the Hammer versions of the Monsters more, they are represented, too! The Reptile! The Monster from Hell from FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL! And that Christopher Lee as the Mummy mask is stupid cool! There are even masks of classic Scooby-Doo monsters!

The biggest problem with Wolfman masks, or werewolf masks in general, is the fur. Either you eschew it or you risk having a mask that gets frayed and nappy after a while. The Wolfman mask here is beautiful, but it won’t be furry to the touch, going with latex instead of yak hair.

The Evil Cheezman • January 31, 2020

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