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NEW ‘Twilight’ Movies Coming Exclusively On Facebook…

Can you believe two years after ‘Breaking Dawn,’ Lionsgate has announced ‘Twilight’ set to return…

Lionsgate and Facebook are collaborating with Stephenie Meyer to bring you 5 NEW ‘Twilight’ mini movies or “shorts” for viewing on Facebook. The social media site carries such a wide and diverse audience that Lionsgate’s Michael Burns feels this will be a perfect atmosphere to give Twihards what they have been begging for all along, while possibly picking up some new fans for this blockbuster series.  Are you excited to see some new ‘Twilight’ movies? Leave us a comment, and let us know what you think of this news… OMG I can’t wait or please NO!!! .

source: www.mtv.com


Editor • October 3, 2014

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