New Supernatural Creatures Never Seen Before Coming To Season 5 ‘Teen Wolf’ [Video]

Teen Wolf has finally received a premiere date of June 29. And the good news doesn’t end there. Not only will the show be returning, but the opener will be a

To my hairy and mangy friends, rejoice now because season 5 of Teen Wolf now has a set release date and it looks like there’s actually things and stuff happening. Fans have been pawing at the door for more Teen Wolf since Season 4 ended last Fall and it looks like the end of their wait is in sight….until it’s time for Season 6. 

Jeff Davis (Showrunner) has already slowly but surely meted out some details about the new season coming out this Summer. Basically, be on the lookout for the characters we know now getting some more backstory and new characters being introduced as half the cast is apparently moving on to actual movies, plus more supernatural creatures. Is this the season where Vampires are introduced? Maybe. How about some perverse bastardization of science like Frankenstein? Possibly. All we know for sure is they’re doing something totally new. So if you’re a Teen….or a Wolf…or some combination of the two, set your DVRs for Season 5 of Teen Wolf. 

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