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New Super7 Action Figures

I’m all about the Super7 ReAction Figures line, with one caveat: they’re too damn expensive for figures of that size, the 3 inches and change size, or as I think of them, the STAR WARS action figure size. (Telling my age here, but it was the STAR WARS line that made that size action figure the standard and the norm, and I had the pleasure of buying not a few of them off the store shelves.) In addition to all the Universal Monsters already represented by Super7, the company will be releasing new figures for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Mummy (Ardeth Bey, the version portrayed by Boris Karloff), the Werewolf of London, and Frankenstein from SON OF FRANKENSTEIN. The ones that have me most excited, though, are the new figures for the augmented Gillman from THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US and Ygor from SON OF FRANKENSTEIN. (That’s the role for which Bela Lugosi should have won an Oscar, the maniacal broken-necked fiend who manipulates the Monster into killing his enemies.) Too expensive they are, but I must nevertheless drop the dough to pick those two up when they hit the stores.

I already have a larger-sized Werewolf of London figure, so I don’t necessarily *have* to buy the new one from Super7. Doesn’t mean that I won’t. But if I do, I’ll likely bitch about the price.

The Evil Cheezman • January 24, 2020

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