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New Practical Bigfoot!

“The Bigfoot in my upcoming horror/action movie No Man’s Ridge is shaping up to be one of the biggest, baddest practical effects monsters ever,” said Eric Red (BODY PARTS, BAD MOON) recently on Twitter. Robert Kurtzman is going to design the creature. The drawing sure looks bad-ass. So what’s the movie about? Here’s the rundown: “A team of five heavily-armed extreme hunters go into the remote Wyoming wilderness to bag Bigfoot, but find themselves out-manned against a relentless killing machine when they trespass on the Sasquatch’s turf.” Sounds about as sweet as the picture looks. Sign me up!

Robert Kurtzman did the FX work on FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, GERALD’S GAME, and THE BYE BYE MAN, so there’s every reason to expect the monster to look as good in actuality as it looks on paper. Or digitally, as we’re all looking at it on a computer screen. The Bigfoot won’t be digital in the movie, though. Kurtzman does it the old-fashioned way, baby! Prac-ti-cal, all the way!

His Bigfoot sorta reminds me of the Sasquatch in the excellent ABOMINABLE from 2006, which is not a bad thing. If NO MAN’S RIDGE ends up being as good as ABOMINABLE, or any of the other killer Bigfoot movies to come along in recent years, like EXISTS and WILLOW CREEK, we’re in for a good time. All those movies, by the way, also employed practical effects. Except WILLOW CREEK, which managed to succeed splendidly by *not* showing its monster.

The Evil Cheezman • March 19, 2019

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