New Orangutan Species Discovered – Is Orang Pendek Next?

Scientists have discovered a third species of orangutan; they previously had believed there to be only two distinct species. This newly minted one, PONGO TAPANULIENSIS, the Tapanuli orangutan, is, according this linked article, “genetically, physically, and even behaviorally different than the other two species of orangutans.” Cool. Sadly, though, it is alos the most critically endangered of all the great apes. The Tapanuli orangutans split off from the others some three million years ago.

Experts on cryptozoology have stated in the past that the cryptid most likely to be discovered is the Orang Pendek of Sumatra. There have been numerous credible sightings of the creature, some by scientists. Unlike Bigfoot or the Yeti, the Orang Pendek is believed to be an ape. JUST an ape. As in, it’s a real animal, not all that different from the orangutan. (Bigfoot may be an animal, too, but it is not JUST an animal. There’s something of the paranormal about it.) Granted, this new species of orangutan seems to have been hidden in plain sight for some time, but if one new species of ape can be discovered today, why not two?

By The Evil Cheezman

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