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New Home for the MUSEUM OF MYSTERY

Regular readers will recall my recent plea on behalf of one of the coolest places in the world, Wolf’s Museum of Mystery in Saint Augustine, Florida. They were having issues with their landlord, who wanted them gone in order to “modernize” and homogenize the property. He was also asking such an inflated price for the property that it made it impossible for Wolf and Ali, the owners of the Museum of Mystery, to purchase the house from him. That left them with no other choice but to find some new digs. Today, I am thrilled to report that they have, and in a suitable location. Sadly for Saint Augustine, Wolf’s will be relocating—to Salem, Massachusetts!

Fortunately Saint Augustine will still have lots of weird stuff to help fill the void that will be left by Wolf’s, and Salem is a perfect home for such an unusual attraction. I’m really happy for the Mertz’s, who are pals of mine. And I’m so happy to know that the Museum of Mystery will continue. It really is one of my favorite places on the planet.

Oh, and the new location? It used to be a church. And it still LOOKS like a church. Perfect, isn’t it?

The Museum of Mystery is (gonna be/not really) dead (Okay, so that’s a tad melodramatic; it’s just moving. But we need the soundbite.)! Long live the Museum of Mystery!

UPDATE: I have been informed that the deal isn’t sealed just yet, as the owners are still looking at other locations. Stay tuned!

The Evil Cheezman • October 7, 2018

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