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New Harryhausen Movie In The Works

This couldn’t be more exciting news. All Monsterkidz recognize the debt that is owed to Ray Harryhausen. Horror as it exists today, in point of fact MOVIES as they exist today, period, would NOT exist if not for Ray Harryhausen. To call him a pioneer is to do him a disservice. The words “trendsetter” and “trailblazer” fall equally short. The only term that is fitting is “creator.” Ray Harryhausen created the modern monster movie. He created modern cinema. If CGI effects have largely replaced the stop-motion technique Harryhausen perfected, it is only because he laid the foundation upon which today’s creators now find footing. They stand upon the shoulders of a giant.

Five years after Mr. Harryhausen left us for heavenly climes, we are going to get a new Ray Harryhausen movie. What an incredible gift this is, or will be, if it’s handled properly, if the work is worthy of having his name attached to it. Designs for monsters created by the Master himself, discovered in his personal files, will be brought to life onscreen in the forthcoming FORCE OF THE TROJANS (working title). The film will feature Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation mixed with modern CGI, a marriage of the future and past of FX. The movie is still in the planning stages, but here’s hoping they put it on the fast track.

The Evil Cheezman • November 13, 2018

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