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New Fouke Monster Mannequin at Monster Mart

I’ve been to the fabulous and homey Monster Mart in Fouke, Arkansas. I drove to Arkansas specifically to visit Fouke, home of the legendary Boggy Creek and its resident Monster. I bought a plaster footprint of the Fouke Monster, waded in Boggy Creek, met and unintentionally offended local Monster expert Smokey Crabtree. I had a grand time, but now I’m going to have to go back. (Oh, darn.) Because they didn’t have this hirsute fellow in the store the time I was there. Check him out. That’s a terrific figure, isn’t it? And it’s life-sized, or purdy dang close to it! I need a picture of myself standing next to that boggy beast! And photoshopping myself into one just wouldn’t be the same.

The Monster figure is a new addition to the Monster Mart. Fouke recently celebrated its Boggy Creek Festival and some of the folks who were there in attendance took note (and not a few photographs) of the new statue. (Can you call it a statue if it has hair?) I wish I had one just like that to put in my bedroom. (Yes, my babe in residence would totally let me put it in our bedroom. She’s just cool like that.) Granted Foukey would probably end up with the occasional shirt draped across him, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

The Evil Cheezman • July 28, 2019

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