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Never Piss Off The Wolf

woodswerewolfToday readers, I’ll be telling you an old werewolf tale that comes from France, a land full of werewolf stories. This story is about how you never mess with a werewolf because, well, payback is a bitch.

This story is about a nobleman from Brittany named Bisclavret. Bisclavret would disappear into the forest for three days every week and never told anyone why. His nosey wife begged and begged for him to tell her where he went and what he did. Bisclavret finally confessed to her that he was a werewolf and he went into the woods to hunt, also that he left his clothes at the edge of the forest. Why would that matter? Well, without his clothes he couldn’t turn back into human form. Bad move telling his wife for she was unfaithful and had a secret lover who was a local knight. With this newfound info, the wife and her lover followed Bisclavret to the woods, and after he removed his clothes and transformed into wolf form, they stole them, trapping him in wolf form.  When Bisclavret didn’t show for so long the two-timing wife lied and told everyone that he must have been killed in the woods. She then married her lover and they took over Bisclavret lands. Lame.

A while after, the king (who was Bisclavret’s friend) and his group were hunting in the woods, when they and the hunting dogs cornered a wolf. The wolf was of course the trapped Bisclavret, who recognized his royal friend and ran up to the king and shocked everyone by kissing the king’s feet. The king then ordered away his dogs and took the kind wolf home as a pet. The wolf, Bisclavret, was so sweet and gentle that he became a quick favorite at court. One day Bisclavret’s wife’s new husband, the treacherous knight, came to court and the wolf attacked him. A wise man in court said this wasn’t right and that there must be a reason the wolf attacked the knight. Shortly after, the king visited Bisclavret’s wife, taking along wolf Bisclavret. The wife greeted the king sweetly but then the wolf attacked her and bit off her nose. Ouch! This raised even more questions so the king ordered the wife and knight to be questioned about this aka they were tortured into confessing. The wife finally admitted to what they did and showed everyone Bisclavret’s clothes. The clothes were then given to the wolf, who transformed back into human form privately. Once again human, the king restored to Bisclavret his lands and exiled the cheating wife and dishonorable knight. If that wasn’t bad enough, all the children that the wife and knight had after, were born without noses.

Like I said, payback is a bitch so don’t piss off any werewolves… especially werewolves with friends in high places.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • September 20, 2009

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