Never Cry Werewolf

Hey there guys, I bet some of you teens are looking for a new book to curl up with and a new werewolf to fall in love with.  Well I recently heard of the book Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis and everyone that has spoken of it has nothing but good things to say about the book.

“Sixteen-year-old Shelby knows she is acting out and making some bad choices when it comes to boys and dating, but she never expected her father and “wicked” stepmother to banish her to a “brat camp” for the summer. Luckily for Shelby, she is allowed to choose the artsy Camp Crescent instead of Priscilla’s choice of Red Canyon—aka boot camp from hell. Camp turns out not to be a total waste even with the preachy Mr. Winters and singing guitar lady Cynthia. Shelby manages to make some new friends, but the real highlight is the arrival of Austin Bridges III. Not only is he the son of a legendary rock star, but he is also cute, kind, intriguing, and totally mysterious. Shelby is drawn to him and the terrible dark family secret that he is willing to share only with her. How can she turn her back on him, especially with the full moon only a few nights away? Davis weaves together a fast-paced action adventure story with issues of peer pressure, divorce, betrayal, friendship, acceptance, and, of course, romance. Shelby is fearless and impulsive, but she is also a caring soul who just needs to find her way in a confusing world. This novel has great teen appeal but is not as dark or edgy as others in this genre. It will leave readers wanting more.”

Sounds great right? Now you have a new werewolf book to check out until the next Twilight flick hits theaters.

Have you already read the book? If so let us know what you thought of it.

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  1. I thought it was boring and would advise any true werewolf fan to skip it.

    But if you’re a brain-dead Twilight fan, go ahead.

  2. ok seriously enough with the vamp craze i woant i rrrrrrrrreeeealy good warewolf book and i dont mean evil ware wolf i mean give me a book that tells about the good werewolves a totally dramatic book im a huge ware wolf type chick seriously werewolves are da bomb

  3. If you like werewolves, you should check out L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Series. Ironically, the latest book in the series is called Never Cry Werewolf too, but it is a different book, I assure you.
    Check out the 6 book Crimson Moon Novels (werewolves) here!

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