Neil Marshall, ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Talks About Working on ‘Tales of Halloween’

“If you are a horror director who didn’t work in some capacity on the new anthology film Tales of Halloween, it’s possible you might not actually be a horror director…”

A lot of people have been involved in Tales of Halloween; there are a ton of directors working behind the scenes on the inter-connected anthology film, because there are lots of stories, lots of monsters, effects, action, actors; it’s crazy. Apparently, there are even killer pumpkins.

Even John Landis, the creative voice behind An American Werewolf in London is involved in the film. Does that mean there are gonna be werewolves? Who knows? Sigh. We hope so. It’s kind of cool that while Neil Marshall, a Game of Thrones veteran is working on this horror movie with John Landis, George R.R. Martin’s short story collection is being made into another action-fantasy-horror-thriller with werewolves, In the Lost Lands. Werewolves are inescapable, any way around it.

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